He was starting to catch up now,I was getting slower and slower it was getting hard to breath I was coming up to north king street not many people were there I could almost see max comfort quite a name for a furniture shop but a hand caught me it was him.He pushed me against the  wall I guess my eyes said everything he didn't hesitate he pressed his lips to mine it felt right warm,soft .I felt relievend  it was like the fight the war was over he grabbed my hand and we ran to the apartment.He picked me up and flung the door open.

'Not know we have to talk'I said in a rough voice

'I have waited years for you anything you want  I will do if your not ready I understand.

God he was so understand but was I doing the right thing I needed to see amelie about this.

'Im sorry I have to go but I will see you to tomorrow' I said hastily

He started to object but I silenced him with a kiss and ran out the door...

The End

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