The problem with dying is dyingMature


How did I get myself into this ? how could I get into his car this is what he wanted so he could manipulate me into this.I was just a tool a prize to him nothing more then some girl a challenge.We turned a cornor into a carpark to an apartment complex.He stopped.

"So this is it" he said

Come on lets ge this over with....

You make it sound as if I'm torturing you

You are

You know you could leave I'm not going to tie you to a bed post.

If i listen maybe you will leave me alone and stop trying,just put me out of my misery what happened

He sighed "Your father was in his study he had called me up and asked me to come claiming he wanted to talk to me about you.When I got there he gave me wine I drank it.It was drugged when I woke up your father was gone and I heard a scream so I ran down to the dining roon your father put a sword through your brother's heart.Your Father  vanished ,You ran into the room and say me beside the sword with blood on my hands looking crazy in agony trying not to bend over and take his life.He was dead and I ran because you looked at me and I saw the pain and anger in your eyes and I was scared because you would not believe me.I ran and I'm sorry it was the wrong thing to do.But I will not lie your father killed your brother not me".

He looked over at me

I didn't realise I was crying until he touched my face and wiped a tear away.I looked away ashamed it did make sense my father had disappered that night and returned in the morning.Claiming he had to deal with some business.But why would my father do something like that.

I got out of the car and ran.

The End

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