Alls well that ends bad.....Mature


I arrived late to school on wednesday I forgot to set my alarm clock which was unike me but I had a reason my world was turned around but thankfully well I  hope from the speech ,I gave him maybe he just went home .Well i was hoping he did.

The first three classes were good I had a free class in English and French class was a doss plus in geography I got to sit beside Ruby.She did most of the talking I was kind of glad.At lunch I saw him leaning against the wall I usually sat at Ruby nudged me hey isn't that,that guy who was in the carpark." yeah" I suspose do you wanna go outside."In that weather no way anyway I have to go to Hisory homework hope swararbrigg won't take my head off good luck.I walked up to him"What the hell are you doing here?He shrugged " I decided to repeat fifth year" he said. I noticed that half the school was looking at us "Lets go outside" I hissed "it seem s we are not alone".ok he replied.

The End

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