The next morning I decided that to go to school I needed to prove to herthat I was in love with her.I enrolled I was in fifth year  with Alec my guardian eventhough Alec looked older I was two hundred years older I was created when i  was  eighteen he was created when he was twenty four ,he was susposedly my  uncle but he really was just an old friend it was easy to do this because he is a laywer.We then went to Grants to pick up my uniform it was an old shop but not very busy because most of the students were back a month now .There was a over friendly sales   assistint who looked pleased because there would be something to do and was even happier every time she touched me i was used to this treatment but I would've rather if hazel did it .I was excited and nervous at the same time as I didn't  know what her reaction would be like .I started school the next day the school was very nice as they provided me with school books  I was  worried that my car would be too austenatious so i did  bought a new car land rover not to  bad but still my taste.

The End

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