Lack of sleepMature


She just sat there trying to ignore me but she knew I was thereit was two in the morning and i told her i would be there..I know  if it was any other person looking into her window she would call the gardaí but she didn't even call her aunt she just sat there reading her book.She was perfect brown wavy hair,green eyes and she was tall five foot six.Her body toned and her skin was as white as snow.I loved her for her personality she was a musician she loved the piano she could play like she wasn't touching the keys.She suddenly got up and came over to the window and she looked straight into my eyes and said "You can look but you will never have me for you are a monster,you  killed my brother and I cannot find it in my heart to forgive you.You think you love me but you do not know what love is because if you hurt someone in that way that shows your not in love" "goodnight she said and she slammed the window down. I left .

The End

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