The runMature

He was standing there as i presumed  outside sitting at the bonnett of the car with a smug face scanning throught the crowd.Ruby had gone home early to avoid the test and i was on my own.He saw me and stared i just walked away the oppoisite direction he followed i dumped my bag when i reached the oak tree behind the school when he caught my shoulder and kissed me with such passion  that i nearly fainted when he let me go.I stood there for a minute when he pushed me against the tree and started to take my jumper off.I stopped pushed him  away and told him know he pushed me back and said no i have waited 3 hundred years for this don't ruin it for me now hay. M y name is hazel not hay you killed my brother in cold blood I will never talk to you again leave me alone or I will be forced to call the spriits."You will never do it "he said .I replied Don't push me....! He laughed bitterly "You love me to much".I hit him hard then i ran. I have never ran so hard in my life brooms were a myth we couldn't fly but we could run.But of course he was faster then me and when i reached the end of the woods he was already leaning on a tree.You can run all you want I'm not leaving without you and we will go back to castle connell together."What gave you that idea,I'm going nowhere with you,you disgust me and i hate you with all my heart" I said. "I always liked you when you were playing hard to get this is your last chance you can come now easily without any trouble or you can come the hard way because i won't leave till i have you on my side,I'll do whatever it takes whenever because beleive it or not I'm in love with you" tristan said.He took my breath away " Bite me !!. "Ok the hard way it is see you tomorrow" and he was gone  I sighed with relieve i had twelve hours to think about things and I presumed that he meant tomorrow he would see me after school or i hoped.

The End

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