Hazel.......                                                                                       tristan was tall with shoulder length brown hair  he had the bluest eyes you could nearly see his soul not that he ha one he was Tristan O' Connell his father originated from scotland but had came to Ireland after exile for some reasons i did not know.But when i finished school i would go talk to him and tell him straight frases ran through my head all day it didn't help that i was getting weirde glances from girls at lunch and on top of that they science test i had later on magnetism and i hadn't studied and i was oing to fail.Ruby noticed my scattered thoughts and she asked why i was so distanced i just told her i was worried about the test and that i was going to pass because i always did.I did fine in the science but i wasn't looking forward for after school.It was like i was being sucked into a blackhole and the only way to get out was to go forward.But nobody knows what the is there so maybe things will go good and he will leave or maybe things would go bad maybe he wanted revenge and would torture me until i died but there was only this way to find out.She pushed open the door out of the school.

The End

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