HAZEL.....                                                                               Well it was an arranged marraige of course all marraiges were like that back then.It for awhile until well i found him drnking blood from our maids neck i didn't scream i just looked at him and told him I was a witch and from that moment i told him everything and i presumed he told me.In they end i susposse things change because he killed someone close to my heart my brother and for that i will never forgive him.I have ran and hid from him sice the well i said in the country i couldn't leave it was home and i was ready to fight whatever the matter but that was a long time ago and to the rest of the world i was a normal fifthteen year old girl.Who listened to homework and hung out with her friends watched tv and avoided maths homework.He had to understand that i was a diffrent person now and i didn't want to be reminded of my past.

The End

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