witches that kinda story,love ,frendship

                               HAZEL......                                                                            Walking down the old rough road to school was pretty normal well i have been doing it the last three years and the last thing i expected was to see him again.Listening to my ipod waiting for a call from ruby to say where are you?I'll meet you at the bus stop what do u mean your near the school already  half way there its to early!!!!! and usually I'd reply the bus was early.I liked this same routine nothing changing and our traditions still there.It had been the same for the last three years i was in seconday school well if you think thats young you should hear my age but it is ok because i don't age....

SCREECH...... I looked up there was a car coming and someone had flung the car door open.It kinda scared the shit out of me i thought i was going to get kidnapped and i was ready to use my bag as a weapon good thing to have a hardback geography book.I thanked mr.matthews for making me write the paragraph on irrigation for talking in class.When i finally i realised who it was i ran picked up my bag  and ran into the school.He couldn't follow me in there the school was empty only the principal in office looking out his window at me running into the locker rooms.

After two minutes Ruby called asking me where i was i replied" In school" ruby replied "Already you most really like school" I replied "See you soon and hung up".Just then I heard a loud crash I screamed but it was just jade a girl from my class.She started laughing " Did i scare you?" "yeah" i replied.

Hey jade did you happen to see a black merc "yeah this really hot guy got out looked around the got back into car did this cool U-turn and drove nearly hit me" why do you know who he is " No i just saw him and thought he must be a student or something"

Jayzzuz Hazel nobody has a car like that you know and who would come to this school if they had that kind of car" she said.I shrugged "yeah".... i said.I turned back and then got my books then ruby came in HAZEL I JUST SAW THE HOTTEST GUY IN THE WORLD HE IS SITTING OUTSIDE AND HE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU...........!!!!!!!!!!!! jades head turned and said i thought you did know him. I shrugged but my heart  was burning and i spat you talked to him." yeah he was really nice and asked me did i know you and i said i was your bestfriend... Is that all he said "yep why ? " Doesn't matter" For the restof the day all i heard "was who is he? do u know him? Jade said Hazel knew him but why would he want to talk to her?

Well i felt like screaming back because I'm a witch and hundreds of years ago today we got married but of course i didn't ,i looked away while Ruby  gave them a look.Ruby didn't of course know she just knew i was an orphan living in clonsilla with my foster family..............She didn't know my guardian is my aunt whos husband was a worlock but is now dead.It was an accident i don't Marcus my uncle meant to kill him he was just experimenting with potions well i don't blame Marcus because joseph was well a snob and most of my family hated him.

The End

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