A story about two children.

Once there was a girl and a boy. The little girl was a princess, but the little boy was a servent to the king. The girl's name was Darca Tiger. The boy's name was Draco Jagaur. They lived in Rivendale Castle on top of Rivendale Mountain. This story starts at the castle.

"Princess Darca please come down," said Maid Daisy. "I'm coming Daisy,"I said," I can't find my shoe." "Well Darca, I found your shoe down here," called Maid Daisy, "Hurry or you'll be late for Tudor." I slowly climbed down the ladder and there was the ugly black dress I had to wear for Tudor. "Daisy, why do I always have to wear this?" I say quietly. "I never asked, Darca," said Daisy with a silly smile. "What is with that smile?" I asked for the third time that week. "Oh, that one..." said Daisy, " I don't know. I like it?" "I think you like Tudor," I say, " Why won't you tell him?" " Because I'm not exactly a Duchess am I." said Daisy softly. "Well not exactly." I say smiling evily. "Now Darca don't think like that silly. I will not dress as a Duchess.

The End

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