Chapter One : Awaken From Deep Slumber

Mark Winchester was a normal everyday highschooler boy until he woke up in a room that was completely covered in blood. He meet the horror of global pandemic along with Fiona Fairchild and a handful of survivors. Will he survived or will he joined the ranks of the infected.

'.....uuh...ughn..huh?, I woke up to the feeling of pain, it was excruciating at first but slowly it melted to numbing sensation. What the hell had happen? my brain is still fuzzy, it could be a brain trauma. I try to moved my limbs but had to stop when pains shoot up again, I really hoped that nothing sprained or broken.

After a while the pain subsided enough for me to move, I heave myself up but only to sitting position, I still not brave enough to stand up in case I missed some injuries. I still feeling dazed, like when I woke up from long tired and groggy sleep. I patted all around my body to check for injuries. Nothing, relief flood into me. I tried to calm down but for some reason my sixth sense start feeling tingling, like a warning to an approaching danger.

By now my body work on full instinct, my nose start to pick up some unusual smell. I closed my eyes to think, the smell had a tang of sourness with a distinctive smell of rotting organic matter. My mind floated back into an old memory, a memory of me as a five year old kid spying on my Dad in our countryside barn. The barn was used to housed Jack, our old dairy cow. Dad went inside with a sharpened butcher knife in hand and he wore rubber boots with a canvas apron that cover his front side. Feeling curious I searched for a hole and peep into it.

What I saw was disturbing, Dad and Jack was having a staring contest. I overhear Dad mutter of thank you before he produced a syringe and injected Jack with it. Jack tried to struggle but finally gave in to the injection, minutes later Jack was lying on his side and Dad... Dad was slaughtering and skinning Jack. I was petrified, a stray wind brought a smell right to my face, it was a smell of Jack blood.

I jolted back to reality, I back to my present self and was panicking as hell. The smell was blood and it was everywhere, when I finally could focused my eyes I froze. I fought down the surging panic, I muster everything I have to not broke into hysteria. Blood, the blood was everywhere. Bloody hand prints adorned the white wall, splashes of blood was splattered everywhere and lots of blood pool puddle up on the floor. I bite down a scream when I realize that I was sitting in one, my cloth was soaked in blood. I retched and heave out my lunch on the floor.

Not caring anything I stood up and start to strip. I'm not going to stay in this uniform, I thought, when I throw my bloody coat I have to bite down another scream. Scattered around me was countless human corpses and all was mutilated beyond recognition. Body parts was also littered around the pile of dead people. If I still hadn't vomit earlier I would have now.

My mind was blank, void of anything that could help me now. I was standing there like a dumbstruck idiot, my legs was in danger of giving out on me. A soft whimper came from behind me, instantly I whirled around and brace myself from whatever it was.

Nothing came, a while later I braved myself to sneak a peek. Nothing was there, I feel relief and disappointed at the same time. The back of the room was still messed up but I still surprised that it has missed the bloody massacre. At a corner of the room there was a pile of tables and chairs stacked on haphazardly. The pile although was messy but it suggested enough that it was done deliberately, I tried to peek through it but it was useless. Slowly I try to remove to pile little by little bit, I was so absorbed in it that I didn't noticed the movement among the corpses. I dig and dig until I struck home, I was shocked at my finding. This time I slapped myself hard, the pain stung my reddening cheek.

Okay, this is so not happening, what I found isn't a thing but a person and the person isn't a he but a she. It was a girl. The girl was at my age and unlike me she almost escaped the destruction unscathed. I cleared the pile around her, she was still hasn't regained her consciousness. Carefully I tried to shake her up. After several attempt she finally came to, her eyelids slowly slid open until her pure blue eyes were staring into mine.

When her eyes beheld my face it suddenly widened as if she was shocked, her gaze of disbelief never left my face as her hand slowly rise to my face. Her hand was caressing my face with sheer curiousness when she spoke. "'re still alive...?" her words hits me like a sledgehammer, I was dead? I was going to question her more when she suddenly tensed up and staring at something behind me, I looked back and froze.

Standing at my back was tall guy and he was ragged up and missing his whole left arm.  

The End

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