GIRL: a very thin looking girl, she wears a pair of pajama shorts which have obviously been tied tighter at the waist as they look like they should be too big for her. She also wears a plain white, loose fitting undershirt . Her hair is up in a ponytail with strands falling out to frame her face

(stage is empty except for a mirror, in front of which the GIRL stands looking at herself in the mirror)

GIRL: (turns in front of the mirror, fixed on it and examining herself) I remember seeing this girl in a play once, and she was so thin that her dance partners hands could have fit around her waist, I can remember looking down at my own waist and suddenly feeling (pauses and searches for a proper word) ashamed (pause) I thought about the coke that I'd bought before the show and suddenly felt as if there was something wrong with having it, then shook the idea away and finished it, watching the thin and elegant girl dance onstage. (pauses and turns to the audience) why did I dismiss that thought? (looking pained) I could have been thiner if i'd listened to that voice that said that I shouldn't have had that soda. ( pauses again and glances back to mirror and runs hands over stomach) I'd love to be thin (turns back to audience) wouldn't i be prettier if i was thin, or at least not so...so...so ugly? (turns back to mirror again) If I could just be as thin as that girl onstage, then maybe I'd be pretty (pulls up undershirt to expose stomach but nothing more and turns so that the audience sees her from a side view) i just need to get rid of this (pokes at skin) then I'd be as thin as her (pauses and drops shirt and goes silent for a moment staring into the mirror with face not showing to the audience then suddenly turns back to the audience completely distraught) can't you see it??? I'm FAT (increasing panic) I'm F-A-T FAT! Why won't you just tell me that to my face (increased hysteria) I know you're thinking it! (bursts into tears (may be substituted for burying face in hands) and sinks down to the ground) Why won't you stop lying to me (looks up and looks back at mirror shaking) Why are you lying to me?


The End

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