Retrograde Amnesia

Ugh, what happened? Where am I? For that matter, WHO am I? Ow, and what's wrong with my head? Hm? What's this?

Patient information: Patient- Jeremy Ricktin, age- 27, case- amnesia, form- retrograde, cause- hit in the head with a blunt object, date and time- January 3rd, around 11pm.

This only raises further questions! What hit me? What day is it? When was I hit? WHY was I hit? Damn, this is friggin annoying! Well at least I got the basic stuff. My name is Jeremy, and I have retrograde amnesia. Wait, what on Earth is a retrograde? Does it mean I'm never gonna recover!? Eek! I need to get my memory back, but how?

"Mr. Ricktin, you have visitors waiting in the lobby."

"Huh? Oh, send them in send them in!"

"All right Mr. Ricktin."

Visitors. Now who could be visiting me? A friend? A family member? Do I even have a family? God why did this happen to me? Did I do something wrong? Ugh this is useless.

" Dad, you there?" "Good morning daddy!"

"Um, hello... children."

"Dad, don't you recognize us?"

" Well, no. See, according to my diagnosis, I have amnesia."

" Oh no! Well, I'll help you out, I'm your son Josh, this is George. I'm fourteen, he's six."

"You look so different, what does my wife look like?"

"Daddy, you don't even remember mommy? Wow."

"Why what is it? Do I have a wife? An ex-wife? Anything!?"

"Dad, mom's been gone for two years."

"What?! What happened?! How did it happen?!?"

" You really don't remember do you? We'll come back later, hopefully it'll be clearer by then."

Where are they going? What happened to my wife? UGH will this never end? Well, one things for sure, I can't remember anything about anything, and this sucks.  What if I have a job? I'm sure that I'll need to show up at work sooner or later! What about any friends, or parents? Are they gone too?! This is torture! You know what? I'm not even gonna bother. I'm just going to go to sleep until I remember everything and my questions are answered. And that's that, hmph!

The End

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