Fast thinking: Paranoia

Fast Thinking is a series which depicts what a person might be thinking if he/she has the emotion, feeling or symptom in the title. It's mostly for entertainment and is no way meant to be offensive, but it may be nonetheless.

-Breathes- What's that? Did it come from over here? It sounded like something fell, did something fall? What fell? Is someone in here? Oh my god, someones in here, someone.....!

I should check. But what if they have a weapon. They could kill me if they wanted too! I'm too young too die! Okay, need something to protect myself...... I have nothing! I'm going to die!!!

Oh, ha ha! It was only a book that fell from a shelf. But wait, how did it fall down? Something had to have made it fall down! Oh my god! No, don't panic, just stay calm, JUST STAY CALM!!!! Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out. See? It's fine! Just fine! Now, go to bed, because it's fine!

Wait, what was that?! Something creeked! Or was it a squeek? I don't know! There it is again! Something is in my house, in my room! What's worse IT'S MOVING! Step back foul demon!!!! I have a... um... WHAT DO I HAVE!??! Here's something! I have a, um, banana, and I know how to use it!! Get away! You can take my stuff but please don't hurt me! I have an ex-wife and 3 children to sup-ACK!

I fell down, how did I fall? Did something trip me, did someONE trip me!!???! Oh no, ha ha! It was only a lamp! That explains why I fell down! Everything's fine, ha ha! I can rest in peace.... no no no not rest in peace, not rest in peace! Oh my god, I just jinxed myself, I'm gonna die I'm gonna die, I AM GOING TO DIE!!! No no! Don't say that, it'll be fine, just fine! There's no one here! The thump was a book, I tripped on the lamp, the creaking...

Oh no, the creaking! I forgot all about the creaking! Where is it.... it's gone! Where could it be? WHAT could it be?!? And most importantly, WHY AM I LOOKING FOR IT!!!???!?!!! It could be anywhere, it knows where I am! What was that? Where did it come from? was it the same as the creak? No it wasn't a creak, WHAT WAS IT!!?? No no, stay calm, STAY CALM! Breath in, breath out, breath in..... wait, what if I forget how to breathe? I could be killing myself and not even knowing it!

Oh my god, I can feel it closing in on me, I'm about to die, I'm..... die!!! The darkness is going to kill me, I can't breathe, I forgot! I must have! What's that?! WHO ARE YOU!?! Please don't antagonize me like this! If you're going to kill me, get it over with, just make it quick, please! KILL ME! LET ME DIE!!!!!!


AHH-huh? Oh, it was just a dream, ha ha! Just a dream! Don't worry! Nothing's after me and nothing wants to kill me, I'm sure of it.... I hope!

The End

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