The InterviewMature

Now back to Ahaana.. she focused now on the interview.. Thoughts of the various questions they would ask.. many had come out talking of designers.. she cursed herself of not getting much updates on them all.. clothes fascinated her yes.. she liked the feel of them against the skin.. the way they swished, their crisp, their fall on ones body.. making it more interesting as one would be naked.. but studying about designers was another thing.. she tried hard to remember all the names of the designers she had ever read about and their specialization.. and how their work “ you yes you.. Its your turn now”.. her thread of thoughts was broken.. she looked at the examiner.. she said move now.. its ur turn.. all the blood came rushing to her face, her palms sweating.. she entered the room..
There were three people seated.. they never asked her much.. she went and wished and then sat down.. somewhere she had read that one should not hided his/ her hands while giving an interview.. she tried her best to be cool.. she smiled.. “ so what makes you think you can be a designer”.. Aahna didn’t exactly expected this question.. .. I think it’s in my genes. she blurted where did that come from she thought “ aah, genes!! And how is that? Is anyone in your house a designer”.. “ shiiitt!! Aahna thought.. What was that??? Why did I say that? But she had to cover up fast.. “My aunt designs clothes.. She has a small business. My mom is an artist, She was speaking fast now.. And we all are somehow related to arts.. I too paint and whenever I see people I dress them up in my mind “ she didn’t for the matter of fact but somehow it was all coming out of her mouth, she thought they might guess she was blabbering. But luckily for her they didn’t.. But yes she did paint and draw.. That was the only truth in her statement.. so c’mon dress me.. this was the gentleman with golden specs dressed in a proper shirt.. Let it be Ahna, go wild.. give them your best shots, her mind told her.. “Well I can dress you in a flowery shirt and red pants.. and what would be the color of my shirt he raised his eyebrows.. Red and green flowers..” And what about me??? This was a fat female sitting in the middle.. I would give you a spaghetti top and a tube skirt ma’am “Well sweety I would love to see me in that someday..” “Rather I would” this was the gentleman. “but give me the colors.. hot pink spaghetti and a black skirt Ma’am. what about me? This was a stern faced lady in a kurta salwar set.. I’ll rather give you something formal.. Like a pant suit to give a more formal touch.. a white pant suit with a turquoise tube top underneath.. hmn I like your matching girl… this was a rather simple interview Aahna thought and the topic shifted back to family.. “I’m from chandigarh. My dad’s in a central govt job and my mom was a teacher.. But you said she was an artist.. Yes she was but she also used to teach arts.. hmnn.. so good luck and we hope to see you soon.. the Gentleman said and gave her his hand. Thanks, she go up.. and yes don’t mention this to anyone.. like hell I would .. she thought.. maybe they didn’t find me interesting enough for a designer.. maybe they knew that iw on’t know the answers to there design questions.She moved out.. called her brother. When she was waiting she saw the girl bhoomi. They enquired about each other interviews. “You know that ragging is bad here, you need to wear suits for 3 months min when you join”. I did’nt knew that this was Aahna.. Suddenly she wasn’t so sure.. Suits were fine but why a rule . Anyhow ‘m not yet selected. We’ll see.. Discussed more about other things like bus services and residence areas.. Surprisingly they lived very near.. Soon Aahna’s brother was back.. 
She went back home.. Told everyone that the interview was well.. And again went back to her grandmothers place.. she was enjoying the freedom there.. All day nothing much to do.. all the free time to read.. Yes she Loved books. She read everything…. umnnn almost everything on earth but it had to be fiction.. or to be more precise it had to had a story. After a fortnight she received this envelope from the institute that she had been selected. Yipeee. She couldn’t believe herself.. She was beyond herself.. I’ll be a designer soon, she told everyone. She packed her bags and moved back to Chandigarh. She imagined the college with all new people she was so excited she couldn’t sleep.. Soon the day to join was almost there.. i.e the Next day was the Day. Aahna could not sleep the entire day. She wanted to know about colleges. Suddenly she remembered ragging. I would handle it. She promised to herself and with that she was soon deep asleep.

The End

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