Fashion DreamsMature

Their friendship started the very first day they met. Its human nature to be attracted to people with whom your mind might connect.. it will single out the person & you would get these vibes coming from the person that make you feel at ease.

Anyhow all it was an interview... not your job interviews.. they were too young for that. The interview that these institutes have these days of selecting the best students after having rounds of logical test, GD’s etc..

They were in this row, this row of many intimidated frightened kids seeing their surroundings and the others around them.. waiting apprehensively for the next person to come out of the interviewers room so they could ask them how it was,..

See here I’ll tell you what the institute was all about.. it was Fashion.. one of the top institutes of the North India.. Fashion Industry.. and there these 2 girls were there.. Aahna and Bhoomi. Aahna was from the same place where the Institute was.. and Bhoomi had recently shifted here.. For this purpose only.. 2 kids with big dreams in their eyes.. all rosy colored thoughst of the Fashion Industry.. the glamour.. good clothes.. and yes no studies.. Aahna was too protected in the same city.. had never been out and Bhoomi was from a small town.. with this deep fascination for glamour.

Shh… quiet.. the examiner there shouted “ or u’ll all be out, u move.. your interview is done” . Aahna looked around, she didn’t knew a person out here.. no one at all.. this was the first time she had moved out of home.. she had come here with her brother but he had gone off to meet his frndz. All around her were people dressed up saucily n sexy.. fashion istas..She was very nervous.. and suddenly she saw this girl.. she seemed a gud soft spoken person.. she gave her a tentative smile.. and she smiled back.. she was standing after 2 people in the row.. she was dressed in a simple suit.. Aahna felt a li’ll comfortable.. she herself was in a corduroy pants and a check buttoned down shirt.. one tomboy she was.. the only girl in the household of men ( her mother had died long ago ) she never dressed anything remotely feminine.  

The line was moving fast now.. Aahna was trying hard to calm her fears.. Desperately trying to be be cool so as she doesn’t loses her confidence.. all the previous month came rushing to her mind.. she hadn’t studied after her 12th exams.. she had never felt so free in life when she didn’t had to study. She wanted to get into arts that she knew.. she remembered what her dad told her.. “ tumne zindagi me kabhi decide kiya hai k kya karma hai? (have u ever decided what you want to do in life) I’ll go into commercial Arts or fashion designing and she had packed her bags and gone to her grandma’s place. In her enjoyment she forgot the dates for the commercial arts entrance.. the date went off and then she just was in time for the NIIFT entrance. Somehow she managed to study when her dad was home.. when he wasn’t she stick to watching Tv that was 7 days before the entrance.. The day the logical test was she had just gone off thinking it would be easy but when she saw the people around her she was shit scared. That the word. She thought she had no chance in this world of Fashionistas she was too naïve and too dumb to get into this place which selected only 35 students all over India. 

“Hey… are you from Chandigarh” Aahna was jolted back into present. “eh???” “ Are you from Chandigarh” it was the girl with the calm & genuine smile .. “ Ya… And U?? “
Aahna replied
Im Basically from Sirsa and rite now in Chandigarh.

Hmnn so you have done something in Fashion??? Aahna thought its better to know what all do people knew here.. 

“Guys please.. Can you please do this chit chat later”.. this was Mughda .. Mughda Iraani… Another Localite from Chandigarh.. She was in front of Aahna. Bhoomi gave her a smile

Yes Chandigarh is where they all belonged too now. The beautiful neat city of Chandigarh. Some were from Punchkula, some from Mohali, but yes Chandigarh was the hub..The most Beautiful city of Asia.. they say once you stay in Chandigarh you can never find that beautiful and organized a city.


The End

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