The Varden


Faryd followed Eragon to a hallway with massive doors leading to rooms as big as caverns, containing huge mats of straw and much smaller cots next to them. "What is this place?" he asked in wonder. Eragon grinned. "This is where the dragons and their riders sleep. For months now, when it has the occasion to house anyone, it's just me and Saphira. I mean, Saphira and I."  Eragon blushed furiously. "Pardon my grammar. It's hard to have to be a teacher to a rider the same age as myself." Faryd gasped. "W-wait..we're the same age?!?" Eragon nodded, smiling in a puzzled way. "Yes. We are both 18 years of age. Even more perculiar is that we were born on the same day." Faryd was shocked. "How do you know all this?" he asked. Eragon chuckled. "You are not very apt at remembering things when you are tired, are you? As I told you before, Saphira and I have checked your minds to reassure that you are not a threat to the varden." "Oh." said Faryd.


***************************To Be Continued....************************** 

The End

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