Into hiding


Faryd burst out of Galbatorix´s castle, gasping and laughing in amazement. He, Faryd Derekson, had stolen the last egg from Galbatorix´s clutches! "You! Boy! What have you there?!" Faryd jumped, expecting he had been caught. Quickly searching for an excuse, he turned, fearing the worst...the guard was striding towards a servant boy holding gold bracelets in his hands. Faryd sighed.The guard had not even noticed him. But even in his relief, Faryd knew he needed to get away. Making his descision, he turned and sprinted into the spine.


When he reached a clearing in the forest, he sat down under a willow tree, exhausted.He had to hide the egg somewhere. But where should he take it? He couldn´t take it home, that would put his family in danger. Suddenly, he remembered a story being told. A story about a dragon rider, born not too long ago in Carvahall, not unlike himself. Eragon. That was his name. And..Saphira. Saphira was his dragon´s name. An idea formed slowly in his head. He could take the egg to Eragon and Saphira and they could find a rider for it. Problem solved. he thought sleepily. Then he drifted off to the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind.


He awoke to a sharp cracking sound. Jumping up, he looked around. His gaze fell on the egg. It had a long crack down it´s side. Panicked, Faryd pressed his hands on either side of the egg in an attempt to keep the two halves from separating. CRACK. A green dragon´s head peeked out from the broken egg. Faryd stood rooted to the spot in a terrified sort of awe as the baby dragon emerged from the shell. Tentatively, he reached out to the dragon. "OWW!!!!!" He leaped back, his hand burning. A mark had appeared on the palm of his hand. In a flash, Faryd knew what the mark was. The Gedwey Insignia. "Why pick me?" he whispered to the dragon. "I´m not powerful. I´m not a leader. Why me?" The dragon simply stared at him. " you have a name?" Faryd asked, realizing he knew nothing about this creature who had chosen him.

You choose.

The voice was powerful, yet almost musical. It was unmistakably male. "Um, Zephyr?" The dragon shook it´s head, amused. "J´redth?" No. Faryd sighed in impatience. "We don´t have all day! One more guess." He paced around anxiously, stopping in front of the dragon. "Jareth?" The dragon´s eyes lit up. YES. "Well then. Come on Jareth. Let´s go to Eragon and Saphira." Jareth showed his approval with one word: Varden.

                                                              *         *         *

Over the 3 months it took to reach the Varden, Jareth grew to be full grown. He would hunt for deer and birds mostly. Jareth would fly up in the clouds while Faryd would walk on land. The sun was beatind down on the plains they were crossing when five of Galbatorix´s  soldiers stopped Faryd. The tallest one glared at Faryd. "What is your name boy?" Faryd shifted away from the sword point that rested just inches from his chest. Faryd! Cried Jareth. They should back away now before I rip their throats out and eat them for my supper!! Faryd winced. No. Jareth, you can´t be seen. They are searching for your egg. If they knew I was the theif and now your rider, they would kill me. Stay above. I will call if I am in danger. He focused his attention on the soldier. "My name is Jer Umbrilson," he said. The soldier narrowed his eyes in suspicion. "And why are you traveling alone?" Faryd stared back defiantly. He had always been good at lying. "I have run away from home. I have no wish to see anyone. So I travel alone." The soldier did not seem to believe. "Have you seen a green stone, or anyone who might be secretly hiding it?" he pressed on, determined to find a fault in Faryd´s behaviour. "No," said Faryd, " I have had no contact with anyone for three months." Weeeellll...thought Faryd, That wasn´t exactly a lie.  Dissapointed that he had not had the chance to kill Faryd, the soldier turned to his fellow soldiers. " Let´s go." he muttered. To Faryd he shot a look of the utmost loathing. "You best not have lied to me, runt, or Galbatorix will have your head." Then he and his soldiers rode off on their horses. Okay Jareth, they´re gone. From above he heard a snort of disgust. I wish I could have ripped their heads from their necks and torn out their innards and..and..Ugh! He trailed off, too mad to speak. He landed next to Faryd, raking the ground with his talons. A waterfall lay ahead, surrounded by a bay. Suddenly from above, there came a roar. A great shining blue dragon landed next to Jareth. On it´s back was a rider, a man, clothed in elven clothes. A female voice entered Faryd and Jareth´s minds. Who are you?  Faryd fell to his knees in awe. "You..You´re..Eragon and Saphira." Eragon dismounted from Saphira. "That´s right. But who are..." Eragon gasped and came closer. "You´re from Carvahall. You´re..Derek´s son." Faryd nodded. "I stole the egg from Galbatorix´s castle. I planned on bringing it to you, but when I hid in the spine that night, Jareth hatched for me." Eragon looked at Saphira and smiled. "Well Saphira, we´re not the only ones again anymore." Saphira paid no attention to Eragon. She was busy staring at Jareth. Jareth seemed awed. Your scales shine like the stars that are so beautiful in the night...your eyes said, oblivious to Eragon and Faryd standing right there. Hmm..Said Saphira, chasing Jareth´s tail, Eragon, isn´t this great?!? Another dragon and rider that aren´t evil! Eragon chuckled ruefully. "It looks as if Saphira has found a mate. So have you recived any training?" He asked Faryd."No that´s..why..we´ve.....come." Faryd yawned. Eragon clucked. "You must eat and rest. Saphira and I have looked into your minds, and now we know we can trust you. I don´t know how good we´ll be, but..we are your teachers." He squeezed Faryd´s shoulder. "Let´s go see the Varden."


The End

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