Faryd is a dragonrider trying to learn more about what he is.
He has heard of a dragon rider who was born in Carvahall just as he himself was.
He sets out to find this famous Dragon rider, who is the only one who can teach him the ways of the riders, Eragon.


Faryd slipped through Galbatorix's castle unnoticed. He had heard tales of a remaning dragon egg and wanted to help anyone who opposed Galbatorix.

He passed a blood red door with a golden handle. Faryd could tell from the sounds coming from the other side of the door that this was a kitchen. The only eggs there were breakfast. He passed several doors and none seemed likley to conceal a dragon egg.

Finally, Faryd paused by a forest green door with a bright silver handle. There seemed to be a faint humming coming from inside the room. This has to be it! Thought Faryd triumphantly. He turned the handle, expecting the door to be locked. He was totally amazed when the door swung open with ease.

There, on a shelf, unprotected, was a green dragon egg, the size of a squirrel. Faryd smiled. He almost expected Galbatorix to come in.

He tucked the egg in his coat and snuck out of the castle.

The End

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