As any creation in history, it began with an idea. Wouldn't it be cool if... Wouldn't it be great if... Wouldn't we be rich if...

They were just a few college kids from sitting in the basement of a frat house before, but now, they wee a company. RJ was a computer science major, Danny International Business, and  Shorty studied PR. If they weren't otherwise occupied by passing out on the floor, they would have come up with the idea long ago, but today they found themselves awkwardly lacking booze, and so they sat and talked. It was RJ who mentioned the idea, a location-based social network. Danny suggested that they could do that- and get rich too, when Shorty brought up that they could base it around a map of campus, so it would advertise itself. The three were decided. 

RJ went back to his room to start working, while Shorty and Danny lounged, until Shorty noticed a sandwich bag filled with joints sticking out of a drawer and the two began smoking.

The End

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