By The Power Invested In MeMature

one short year later...

"I love you more!" I said before planting a kiss on his lips.

"Wrong! I love you more!" Connor replied planting another kiss on my lips.

"Oh would you two quit the grab assing! We got some partying to be doin!" Lisa said pulling us apart.

"I'll see ya, at 3 tomorrow afternoon!" I replied jumping in my truck.

"I'll be waiting at the end of the aisle!"

I waved good bye, and pulled out of the Elk's parking lot towards his house. The girls and I were going to have my bachelorette party there, while the guys went to the woods to have their little party. I couldn't believe that tomorrow at 3 o'clock, I would be walking down the aisle towards the love of my life. Connor and I decided that we wanted to get married on the farm, because this was where everything began, so why not here? I have always wanted an October wedding, and Connor made my dream come true. Though Dad, Curt and especially Connor weren't so happy that they would have to miss some archery hunting over this, I didn't care. This was my day to shine, and Lisa and I were not letting the men get in the way! This was going to be the best down home, country wedding ever!

I pulled up Connor's lane, and I could see our house on the hill just waiting for someone to live in it. Connor had not even let me go near it. He wanted to make it a surprise for our wedding night! He had all our stuff moved in as of yesterday. The beautiful two-story log cabin of my dreams, just waiting for us.

Lisa, the girls and I walked into the living room, and it had been decorated in pink and penises. I couldn't stop laughing, I looked to Lisa, and she pointed to Christina, my maid of honor. I should've known. Neen had always known how to decorate for the right occasion, and had a very perverted, yet funny mind. I ran up to our room and brought down all the gifts for the girls and mom. I had gotten them all "game day" sweats with there name and what they were on the back. They were all the same except for Lisa's. She had a ref shirt with "Mother of the Bride and Groom" on the back.

I sat down, and the rest of my bridesmaids handed me gifts. Gabby got me pillowcases that said "Mr. Right." and "Mrs. ALWAYS Right.", I knew Connor would get a kick out of those. Hannah got me a weekend of love kit, leave it to her. Leanna got a steamy sex game. Lisa got us personalized mugs saying "Mr. Swoope" and "Mrs. Swoope". Christina got me a giant penis lollipop, and fuzzy hand cuffs.

"Thanks for all the interesting gifts guys!" I laughed hugging them all. "Sorry you had to witness all this stuff mom!"

"I don't know what's more disturbing, thinking of what Connor is going to do to my baby girl, or what your going to do to my baby boy!" She laughed.

"Well I got one more surprise!" Neen said coming out of the kitchen with a giant cake.

She set it down on the table, and I moved closer to get a better look. I took one look, and laughed hysterically. Leave it to Neen. She had baked me a giant penis cake that had a hand half way wrapped around it. On the top of it it read " To Have & To Hold".

"Well I wanted to make it actual size. I mean from the things I hear, I'd say its pretty-"

"Ok, I'm out!" Lisa yelled throwing her hands up in the air.

We all continued to drink our beer and laugh as the night went on. This was definitely the way to spend my last night as a free woman!

*    *    *

I woke up the following morning to Lisa shaking me at 8:30.

"It's time to get up darling! It's your wedding day!" She replied with a huge smile.

I raised from Connor and I's bed and couldn't stop smiling. This was actually happening, today was the day. I ran to the bathroom and got in the shower. I made sure that everything was shaved correctly, and perfectly. I jumped out, lotioned up, and put my game day sweats on. I looked at my phone, and it was already 9:30. I ran down the steps and all the girls were in their sweats and waiting for me.

"Delivery for the bride!" Lisa called as I got to the bottom of the stairs.

I handed her my letter for Connor, and she ran out to the barn to give it to him before I read mine. When she got back we all headed into the living room. I sat down on that old love seat and opened the letter.


Wow, I can't believe this day is finally here! I sit here, and all I can think about is you in the loft. We were 17 and stupid, but neither of us cared. We were in love and that's all that matters. I know your mama is proud of the woman you've become, how couldn't she be? Yeah, you didn't go to college, but just think of all the records you've broken? And I'm sure she'd be happy to see that even if you don't have a college degree your doing something that makes you happy. Jake and I were talking last night, and we both agreed that you look like Norma more and more each day. Hell, I still hear her voice when you yell at me. When we were in the hospital she told me that I was crazy if i didn't marry you, and here we are today. Today, you are making me a better man, and making me the happiest man in the world. Who knew that you could meet your soulmate at 5? I sure as hell didn't! Today, I marry the love of my life, and more importantly my best friend. I can't wait to see you walk my way at 3. I love you more than you can imagine baby! You are my life, my breath, my world, and my everything. See you later gorgeous.


Ps. Look under the couch!

I wiped the tears flowing from my eyes, and reached under the couch. I found a silver box, with a note attached on top. From Dad and Connor. I smiled and opened up the little box, inside lied an old pearl necklace. I lifted it up, and saw the writing underneath, and the tear flew out my eyes. It was my mama's writing, and it said "For Misty Mae on her wedding day". I put my hands over my face. I couldn't believe that my mama had set this aside for me.

I looked at Lisa, "I want to wear it today."

Lisa nodded and put it on me.

I tried to calm myself, Neen poured me a glass of champagne, and it settled my nerves. I took a deep breathe, and let the ladies here for all of our hair and make up work away at us.

By 2 o'clock were had all had our makeup and hair complete, and the girls all had their dresses on. The girls were all wearing shirt peach lace dresses with brown cowboy boots. Lisa came down the steps with my dress, and I smiled just know the look that was going to be on the guys face when they saw it. I slid on my dress, and looked in the mirror as the girls laced me up. I couldn't help but let a few tears out, I was just so happy. My dress was a long mermaid lace dress with three-quarter sleeves. When the girls had finally finished lacing me into the dress, Lisa came over with my tiny birdcage vail, and placed it in my hair. I looked up at Lisa, who had tears flowing down her eyes.

"Don't cry mom." I replied throwing my arms around her.

"You just look so, breath taking!" She replied kissing my cheek.

I sat down in a chair, and slid on my camouflage garter, and then my boots. My mama would be cussing at me probably saying "You and those damn boots!" But I know she'd be just as happy as Lisa is. When I finished getting my boots on, I heard a knock on the door. Lisa went to see how it was, and then came back into the living room.

"Misty, you have two daddy's who'd love to see you."

"Alright, coming!" I replied.

I made sure everything was perfect, and then walked into the kitchen. The look on Curt and Dad's faces were priceless, and they were just down right speechless. I walked over closer, and I could see the tears in my daddy's eyes.

"Misty Mae, you look stunning darling!" Curt said hugging me.

"Thanks Curt."

"Baby girl, I don't even know what to say." He replied trying to hold back his tears.

"Thanks Daddy." I replied hugging him tight.

"Jake, I would've sworn that was Norma coming and not your girl!" Curt replied putting his hand on my dad's back.

I smiled, and then turned to Curt. "Will you go bring Connor down, and make sure he can't see a thing?"

Curt nodded and him, and my dad made their way back to the loft. I waited in the kitchen until I saw Connor, and then made my way towards him with the photographer.

"Well hello handsome!" I said looking him over.

All the guys had on white shirts, brown ties, and peach vests with no jacket, jeans, and cowboy boots. Connor was the only one with a brown jacket.

"Why can't I see you!"

"Because, my mama would roll over in her grave if that happened! And can't have that!"

"Ok, OK! I love you so much!"

"I love you too!"

"Oh and before you go, I told our dad's about the night in the loft!"

"You're lucky it's our wedding day, and I'm in a dress or I would be kicking your ass right now!"

I kissed his cheek before heading back down to the house. I ran into the house, and finished getting pictures in the house with the girls. Once we finished inside we headed up to the field where everyone else was. The photographer walked in front of us as we walked up the old rutted dirt road. Before Curt and Lisa walked down the aisle I pulled Lisa aside.

"I just wanted to let you know that Connor and I had sex on my 17th birthday in the loft! Love you!" I replied kissing her on the cheek. She did a double take, then her and Curt laughed as they made their way down to their seats. The music started and the girls and my little flower girl cousin walked down the aisle. I grabbed my daddy's arm, and our music cue started. My dad and I walked throw the doors separating us from him. I looked at Connor immediately, and was overjoyed by the the look on his face. Extreme nervousness came across me as my daddy gave me away. I looked back at him as he sat down to a picture on a chair of my mother.

Before no time it was time for the vows. "Now we will start the vows, Connor go on ahead."

Connor took my hands, and began, "Misty, I promise to kill all the spiders. I will share my fries even when I am still hungry. I vow to kiss all the paper cuts, door-slammed fingers, counter-bumped hips, and rafter-smacked heads. I promise to love you even if you get old, fat or skinny. I promise to treat you as good as my jeep, and to ride you as much as the horses." He laughed, then continued, "I vow to never get angry after the tenth question during a movie. I promise to let you win sometimes when we wrestle, and too leave you random silly gifts. I vow to never get upset when you never change your oil, and break down in the middle of no where. I promise to never leave your side as long as we both are still kicking. I promise to never, in my entire life, stop loving you."

I priest looked to me, I took a deep breathe and began, "I promise to never keep score even when I am kick your butt. I vow to let you shoot the bigger deer, even when I have the better shot. I promise to love you fiercely in all forms. I vow to speak when words are needed, and to keep silent when they are not. I vow to defend you, even when you're wrong. I promise to make sure i'm not hungry before I yell at you. I promise to be the best mother that our children could possibly have. I vow to go hunting with you on the days that seem the coldest, just so you don't freeze by yourself. Most of all I vow to never put my happiness in font of yours. I will love you until you put me six feet under, no matter what."

"Do you Connor Ian Swoope, take Misty Mae Turner as your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." He replied as I slipped on his ring.

"Do you Misty Mae Turner, take Connor Ian Swoope to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do!" I replied as Connor slid the wedding band onto my finger.

"Well, with the power invested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!"

The End

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