I stood there in complete shock. Did he just say what I think he said? Marry him? Yes of course I was in love with him, but this was…sudden. I slowly reached up and put a hand on the silver cow necklace, and ran my fingers over the engraving. I looked down at the silver cow and read:

Misty, I love you more than anything. I know this is a hard time for you but, my love will never die. I'm always here. Stay strong Cowgirl!


I have read that, over, and over, and over again, but every time I do, I'm 17 again up in the loft with him. I looked to our dad's still with shock covering my face.

"Will just answer the damn question already?" Curt yelled to me. Like father, like son.

I looked back at Connor with a smile, and tears welling up in my eye, "Yes." I said. One small word can change everything.

"I love you!" He said springing up for a hug.

He held me tight, not giving me the slightest room to move. But I didn't want to go anywhere; I just wanted to stay in his arms forever. I can hear Curt and my dad laughing about something, but I wasn't sure what.

"Pay up." My dad said to Curt

"Wait, did you two know about this the whole time?" I asked putting my hands on my hips.

"How much do I owe ya?" Curt said with a sigh

"50," My dad said laughing, "Sweetheart it's nothing against you, we just wanted to see if Connor had enough balls to ask you before lunch."

Connor shot his dad a disappointing look. "What? Sorry son didn't think you had it in ya!" He said laughing handing the fifty dollar bill over to my dad.

Connor looked at me and kissed me, hard. I think that was to prove to his old man that he had the balls. When we broke apart I just laughed.

"Now that the grab assing is over get back to work you two!" Curt said as him and my dad walked out of the barn.

I put my gloves back on and went back to giving the cows hay. It wasn't long before I could feel my phone ringing. I knew who it was, it was Lisa. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket, and sure enough it was Lisa.

"Hello mother."

"You know I hate when you call me mother!" she said laughing

"I'm surprised you aren't screaming yet." I replied anticipating the scream slowly taking the phone farther away from my ear.

"Oh my god! I'm finally gonna be your mother!" She screamed into the phone.

That was what I was expecting. "What do you mean finally?" I asked in curiosity

"You two have been in love since the day you turned 14, I mean the boy was falling all over in love with you. And I could see the same thing in your eyes." She replied as if she was pointing out the obvious.

"Well, I got to get back to work before your husband is on me."

"Alright sweetheart and get dolled up because the five of us are going out tonight." She finished as we both hung up.

"Who was that?" Connor called from a few stalls down as I placed my phone back in my pocket.

"Mother," I said laughing, "she said we're going out tonight?"

"Where to?"

"Don't know she just said to look nice."

We went back to our work quickly trying to fit in everything before lunch. As I finished with the animals outside, I pulled out my phone to check the time. It was 11:57, done with three minutes to spare. I walked back into the barn to find Connor.

"Oh buttercup!" I called echoing throughout the barn.

"Well that's an old one." He said after grabbing me by the thighs scaring me half to death before throwing my over his shoulder.

He kicked open the barn door and took me outside towards the truck. I could see my dad and Curt heading for Curt's truck that was parked beside mine.

"Put me down!" I yelled laughing and hitting him.

"Down girl!" he replied smacking my ass.

He threw me in the bed of my truck, and hurried and started it. He put it in drive and burned out of the lane. I just laughed and waved to our dad's and we flew past. I couldn't figure why we were going to my house. It wasn't my turn to cook, it was Lisa's. But there was no way to stop him, so I just waited until we got to my house. When he parked the truck we both jumped out.

"It's your mom's turn you know?" I asked

"I know, I figured that you can just get what you need now, and then you don't have to come back here to get your stuff before we leave for wherever." He said as we walked into the house.

We ran up to my room, and I turned on my closet light. He pulled out a baby blue dress, and a pair of heels from my closet. I just shrugged agreeing it was a nice outfit. I went into the bathroom and grabbed my makeup and hair stuff and shoved it all into a bag. We ran back downstairs, and got into the truck and headed back to his house before our parent s suspected anything. When we got there we could hear them talking in the kitchen as we approached the porch.

"They are grown adults; if they're havin sex let them!" Lisa said setting the table.

"No mom, we are not having sex!"

"Boy, what on earth are you doing with high heels and a dress?" Curt asked

"It's what my beautiful fiancé is wearing tonight." He said giving me his million dollar smiles.

It was just sinking it, that in fact, I was Connor's fiancé. And even more that Connor was my fiancé. And what was even crazier, that I was going to marry Connor. I was no longer going to be Misty Turner; I was going to be Misty Swoope.

We walked in and sat down at the table, as Lisa continued to set the table. We sat in our normal seats, Connor, then me, then Dad, then Curt and finally Lisa. We got up and got our food, then sat back down and all joined hands, and began to say grace. During the prayer Connor was rubbing circles on the back of my hand. When we finished and everyone else broke hands we just stayed there looking into each other's eyes. I could see the love in his eyes. And I knew the same love was in my eyes.

"I told you so." Curt whispered nudging Lisa as we finally broke the gaze.

"What do you expect, they're in love!" She whispered back slightly louder.

We sat there and ate as we talked and laughed like always. Of course our dad's were making fun of us more than ever for the grab assing in the barn, and the way I was sitting on his lap on the tractor, and of course our facial expression as Connor proposed.

When we finished lunch and I got up and grabbed everyone's plates, "I got the dishes." I said starting to fill the sink with water.

"No, sweetheart, I got them. You go and relax with Connor."

"Thanks Daddy." I replied kissing him on the cheek. "So Lisa what's this fancy place we're going to tonight?" I asked sitting down on Connor's lap.

"Well, it's just happens that I have a friend who works at the Elks, and since you two just got engaged she got us a reservation for the dining room." She replied full smile.

"Lisa! You have to make reservations months in advance for the Elks!" I said giving her a hug, "Thanks so much!"

"Let's go upstairs and relax for awhile." Connor whispered into my ear as he threw his arms around my waist.

"Ok, Ok." I said taking his hand as we headed up the steps.

When we made it to Connor's room I plopped down on his bed ready for a nap and I could tell so was he. He turned off the lights, shut the blinds as tight as they go, and climbed on the bed with me. I scooted closer to his warm body as he strong arms pulled me into an embrace. I looked up and smiled at him, as he kissed the top of my head.

"Can you believe we're gonna get married?" Connor asked

"I still can't believe that you proposed!" I exclaimed

"Trust me; it took a lot of balls to ask Jake, let alone asking you!"

"How and when did you ask him?"

"Well you know the other day when you had that doctor's appointment?"

I nodded.

"Well, your dad was the one helping me out, and I realized that I wasn't getting any younger, and if I wanted to be happy for the rest of my life, I had to ask before someone else stole you."

"You're such a bull shitter!"

"No seriously! So while we were all eating lunch, and I looked at your dad and asked him straight out. 'Can I marry your daughter?' He was a little shocked to say the least. My mom choked, and my dad said one word. Amen." He finished with a laugh.

"I knew there was a reason I loved your dad!"

"Well trust me, he loves you too. You're the daughter he never had. I swear he like you more than me!"

"Let's just take a nap, too much seriousness for one day." I said snuggling closer. "Set an alarm for four."

"I'm not gonna nap, but I'll wake you up."

"I love you."

"I love you too Miss."

I woke up to the feeling of kisses covering my body. I opened my eyes to see Connor going for my bare stomach. I sucked in and jumped up. He leaned forward to kiss me on the lips. As we were kissing Connor's bedroom door swung open.

"Are you two up?" Curt said barging into his bedroom "Nevermind, yes Lori, they are very awake!" He called down the steps.

"Sorry Curt!" I giggled as I headed towards Connor's bathroom.

Once I got into the bathroom, I turned on the heater, and then the water.

"Hey, while I'm in the shower can you iron my dress love?" I called out of the bathroom door to Conor.

"I guess, but only because I love you!" He called back blowing me a kiss.

I went back into the bathroom and took off my clothes throwing them into a heap on his bathroom floor. I looked at my phone for the time, it was 4:15. I had to hurry since we were leaving at five. I jumped into the shower and quickly shaved my legs. Then quickly rinsed and conditioned my hair. I jumped out, and grabbed my towel and opened the door.

I saw Lisa ironing my dress, not Connor. Connor was lying on his bed watching the Outdoor Network.

"Connor!" I yelled making him jump, "I would've ironed my dress if I wouldn't know you were gonna make your mom do it!"

"I'm sorry, I suck at ironing!" He said coming over to me trying to kiss me.

"Stop kissing ass, and go take a shower!" I directed pointing at the door. "Thanks mom." I said after he proceeded into his bathroom.

"You're gonna make a good wife." Lisa said with a wink before exiting the room.

After she left, I hurried and dried myself off, then switched the towel from my body to my hair. I lotioned up my body and then threw on my dress. I went back to the bathroom with impeccable timing; Connor was just exiting the shower. I threw his towel at his crotch trying not to look.

"That kind of hurt you know!" Connor said drying off his toned body.

"Too damn bad!" I replied putting on my eyeliner.

After drying himself fully off, he went over to the radio and turned it on Froggy 101. The song "Cowboys and Angels" by Dustin Lynch came on. He gave me a smile because he knew it was my favorite song. I started to sing along as I finished my makeup.

I took my hair out of the towel and threw it playfully at Connor. While I was brushing my hair he thought it'd be funny to throw it back at me.

"Go get dressed!" I pleaded pointing towards the door.

"Whatever you say babe!" He replied kissing my temple before leaving to get changed.

I put the gel in my hair and left it air dry since my hair was naturally curly. Once I had everything in place, and where I wanted it, I walked out of the bathroom towards Connor's dresser. I looked for him, I figured that he was already down stairs. I always kept my mom's diamond earrings here because I couldn't spare myself to look at them. I opened the small box, and out them in each ear. This would be the first time they were worn since she passed away.

I walked into the bathroom once more to make sure that everything was perfect, and then hair sprayed my hair and turned out all the lights in Connor's room. I sat on his bed quickly putting on my heels. I walked out of his room closing the door behind me. I made my way slowly down the steps carefully not wanting to fall. I walked through the hallway into the kitchen, where everyone was waiting.

"Why didn't you tell me that y'all were ready?" I asked looking around the room.

"We were just talking, that's all." My dad said.

"Well, Jake you can ride with us and you two can take your own rides." Curt said heading for the door.

Curt, Connor, and my dad were as dressed up as I have ever seen them. Connor had a white shirt, baby blue to match me, and black dress pants. Curt had khakis with a purple shirt, to match Lisa who had on a purple dress. And my dad was wearing grey pants with a green shirt. It was the dressiest I had ever seen all of us together.

Connor and I headed for his Jeep. It was a black four-door Wrangler. Since it was summer time, Connor had off the doors, and the top. He always kept a blanket in the back for me since I always got cold unless it was extremely cold outside. I saw Curt, Lisa, and my dad get in their suburban.

We made our way to the Elks laughing and singing the whole time. Every song that came on Froggy 101 we both knew every word to it. We were cracking each other up singing to each other.

"I love you!" Connor said grabbing my hand and bringing it to his lips.

"I love you too babe!" I said

When we pulled in a recognized a familiar voice in the distance. As we got closer to the door I realized who it was. It was the local politician. He was our age and just thought that he was god. There was a reason that he didn't have a girlfriend, because he was a real creep! I saw him coming my way. Here. We. Go. I thought to myself.

"Wow Misty, you look absolutely gorgeous!" He yelled throwing himself onto me.

"Oh, hi LG…" I responded. I looked at Connor with my eyes big.

"So what are you doing these days?"

"Still working on the farm."

"Misty, you need a real man, not some farm boy. You have so much more potential than this life." He snarled. Gesturing towards Connor.

"She has a real man." Connor spat back at him.

I could feel the pressure rising between them. I just hoped that Curt and my dad would get here before things got to ugly.

"Sweetheart don't tell me you're dating his white trash are you?"

"No, I'm engaged to this so called white trash. You calling him white trash is like you calling me white trash." I replied glaring.

"LG, if you still want your face I insist that you walk away." Connor added in making a step closer to him.

"Don't threaten me. I'll have your ass in prison before midnight."

"Is that true?" Curt said towering over towards him.

"Sir, you're son here is harassing me, that's against the law."

"All I saw was a little sexual harassment towards my daughter." My dad added in closing the space between them.

"Run along now, and I won't press charges." I said with a smile.

LG turned and ran towards his car. Thank god that was over. Connor and I both we're about to punch him. He was slime, dirt, trash.

"Must the four of you play the intimidation tactics?" Lisa called out from behind

We all nodded with full smiles on our face.

"Let's just go eat!" Lisa replied shaking her head at us.

The End

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