Fighting For a CauseMature

January 10, 2006, our freshman year….

Connor and I were on our way home from the bus stop, when one of Connor's friends ran up behind me and smacked my butt. I wiped around to see who it was. It was just Jonathon, I rolled my eyes and went back to talking to Connor, but there was something wrong with him, I could tell by the look in his eyes. He suddenly left me and headed towards Jonathon. Connor grabbed him by his backpack and jerked him up against a nearby fence. I sigh, because I knew this wouldn't end well.

Connor was big for his age, and strong. He was pushing six foot and about 160 pounds of pure solid muscle. And Jonathon was about 5'7" and about 130. He was quite smaller in size in comparison to Connor. I ran over to the boys who were both screaming in each other's face, with everyone crowded around them, I pushed my way through to the front and now I could clearly hear what they were saying.

"Don't you ever lay a finger on her again!" Connor spat getting a tighter grip around his neck.

"Why are you just upset that I get more action with her than you?" Jonathon replied with a mischievous smile.

Now he had done it. Connor brought the other arm around and cracked Jonathon in the face, and he instantly fell to the ground. Connor got on top of him and started beating the living day lights out of Jonathon. I ran over and pulled Connor off of Jonathon he fought me, but with some strength I got him up. I was only 118 pounds and trying to get an angry 160 pounds off another kid was pretty tough.

Jonathon finally rose from the ground with blood dripping down his face. He then though It would be smart to go back after Connor he came behind him and put him in a head lock. And tried to get Connor in the face, this when I stupidly went in to help. I was trying to get Jonathon off him, when he turned around and punched me in the face. I'm pretty sure he didn't know it was me, but that definitely wasn't gonna go well. Now he had really done it. Connor came picked me up off the ground blood running from my nose, and I looked at Jonathon who looked like he'd seen a ghost and went to punch him when we all heard a gunshot. Everyone pulled apart, and who I saw in the middle was Curt with his old rifle in the air and my dad standing right beside him. His was really not good.

"Alright everyone get to goin home now." Curt said slowly putting the rifle down.

Jonathon came to me and opened his mouth to say something. "Don't. Keep walking." I said putting my hand to his face to stop him.

"Come one you two." My dad said in an intimidating voice.

I thought to myself shit; now we REALLY did it. Connor and I walked close together as we walked home. Our dad's were in front of us so the coast was clear. He reached down and grabbed my hand and held it tight for a brief second before letting go. Once we got to Connor's house we took off our shoes and I headed towards the bathroom and Connor followed.

"Where do you think you're goin boy?" Curt called

"To help Mis with her nose?" He said with a slight attitude.

"No, you, Jake, and I are gonna have ourselves a little talk." Curt said pointing to a chair in the kitchen.

Connor looked to me with every emotion across his face, "I'll be fine, you on now, don't piss em off more." I replied to his look with a fake smile.

He nodded and went back into the kitchen. I proceeded into the bathroom to see Jonathon's damage. I closed my eyes before taking a glance into the mirror. I slowly opened my eyes to see my bruised nose, and dried blood covering the bottom of my face. I looked horrible, but probably better than Jonathon's gonna look and feel in the morning. As I cleaned the blood off my face, I listened to try and figure out what they were talking about. All I could hear was the mumbles of their deep voices.

I walked slowly out of the bathroom to hear silence. What were they waiting for? I slowly creaked forward when I headed the booming of my dad's deep voice.

"Don't be in the shadows, get out here." He said as I walked into the kitchen.

I slowly came out of the hallway with my head down, not wanting Connor or anybody to see my face at the moment. My dad pointed to a chair beside Connor, so I plopped myself down beside him and grabbed his hand tight.

"So let's hear your side of the story." Curt said with a serious tone.

"Well, Connor and I were walking home when Jonathon came from behind me and smacked my butt; I shook it off and went back to talking to Connor when he ran after Jonathon. I saw him pin him up against the fence, and that was the last thing I saw before people crowded around."

"Continue…" My dad replied in a stern voice.

"Well when I got up there I heard Connor defend me, and well Jonathon said something to him that made me want to punch him, but Connor did it instead. He knocked him on the ground and started punching him, and that's when I stepped in and pulled him off of Jonathon. After Jonathon came after him and when I tried to pull them apart again, I got punch." I finished

"Well even though it wasn't exactly the right thing to fight about, I'm glad that it was at least about defending my daughter." My dad said patting him on the back as he walked out of the house.

"Just don't let it happen again. Now go on now, get out of here." Curt said nodding to the door.

As Connor and I walked out of the house he stopped at my dad. "Thanks Jake."

"Just look after her ok?"

"I have no problem with that Jake." Connor said as he shook my dad's hand.

Connor and I finished the day in sitting in the barn loft, just talking about a little bit of everything. I had to ask him what they said to him.

"What did they say to you while I was in the bathroom?"

"That if I want to be with you, that I have to protect you and your body as long as I live."

"And what did you say?"

"I will, as long as I am alive."

At that I just couldn't stop smiling at him. How could I? I just kept laughing, and I couldn't stop.

"Does it hurt?" He asked running his thumb over my nose

"Not that bad, I look horrible though."

"You look gorgeous as always!" He said as he slowly leaned into me.

That was our first kiss, and I will remember this day for the rest of my life.

The End

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