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What is the definition of love? Does anyone really know? Everyone always says that when you found the one you'll know, but what if you've known all along, will it ever change? Connor has lived next to me since I can remember. We've been best friends since we can remember. Our families always having each other over, us sneaking off somewhere.

What is the definition of love? Does anyone really know? Everyone always says that when you found the one you'll know, but what if you've known all along, will it ever change?

Connor has lived next to me since I can remember. We've been best friends since we can remember. Our families always having each other over, us sneaking off somewhere, and with me not being the perfect girly girl, we were most likely in the woods. My daddy and I own a small farm, we grow hay and corn more than we farm, and Connor's family on the other hand has a huge cow herd. I mean my daddy and I work on their farm as much as they do. It's been a rough five years without Mama around, but we're both getting used to it. I want to go to college, but right now, it looks like I'll be farming the rest of my life.

I sat up quickly to the sound of my alarm going off. You'd think after three years of being out of school, getting up every morning at 4:45, I'd be used to it, but I'm not. I whipped off my covers with a groan, and shut off my alarm. I turned on the lights in the bathroom and washed my face to help wake me up. Just like always by five o'clock I could hear the creaking of Connor running up my steps, like clockwork, every morning.

"Misty Mae Turner!"He said so happily now bursting through my bathroom door.

"Connor Ian Swoope!" I Said acting happy.

"Well good morning to you too beautiful!" He said grabbing my sides.

"You know I hate that!" I said hitting him in the chest. "And can you explain to me why men are so horny in the morning please?" I said as I put on my makeup.

"Well I do not have an answer for that." He said putting the seat of the toilet down and sitting down on it.

"Can you please make yourself useful and get me my bra, a new pair of underwear, jeans and a tee shirt?"

"Misty are you free nipping again?" He said with a laugh.

"Just go get my clothes please!" I said smacking his ass as he passed me

Connor walked over to my dresser and opened my underwear drawer. He rummaged through the drawer, and I knew what he was looking for. Finally he pulled out a thong, it was neon orange, and he laughed and flung it through the bathroom door. I just gave him my glare and continued on with doing my makeup. Then he went behind my door to get a bra, he picked up the one that I only wear when I got to special occasions because it was a push-up bra. Then he went to my closet and got a pair a jeans that had holes all through them, then finally picked up an old tee shirt of his that I'd cut a slit in the middle to make it cooler in the summer, it showed a tad bit of cleavage from the cut that I made. He brought the clothes to me and went back to his spot on the toilet. He was waiting for me to change right there. I laughed at his thought. I decided I'd play with him a little.

I jumped into the shower, and closed the curtain behind me. I pulled off my tank top and threw it over the shower rod and towards him. Then I took off my shorts and underwear and threw them in the same direction. I put on my bra and thong and opened the shower curtain. The look on his face was priceless. I just smiled and as I slowly stepped out of the shower. I turned bare ass to him and slowly slid up my jeans. Then turned around and bent down elbows to my belly button to pick up my shirt. I slowly slid it on. When I was done I looked at him and smiled.

"You love to torture me don't you?"

"When I can, I will always take the opportunity." I said laughing as I braided my hair into a side braid.

When I finished, I looked at the clock it said 5:15. Just like clockwork. I've done this every day since I can remember. We walked down the creaking stairs of the old house and into the kitchen for our morning coffee.

"When are you guys gonna tie the knot already?" Connor's dad Curt said.

"Curt that might save you some money, but it'll burn a huge hole in mine!" My dad Jake said.

"Sorry Curt, no can do. I might shoot him or myself and we couldn't have that happen now can we?" I laughed as I slipped on my boots.

"Jake, it would burn a hole in my money too trying to keep this one happy!" Connor said trying to piss me off.

I smacked his chest. "Good one. Get your keys let's go." I said smacking his ass to get him going.

"It's only a matter of time until you too shack up and have kids!" Curt said.

"Yeah Curt that's all we need, grandchildren!" My dad said as we walked out of the house.

We walked out of the house, and jumped in his truck. Like always that damn dog of his was sitting in the front seat waiting for us. Bear was a bloodhound that loved to bark at me every single time I got near him. Even though he was very annoying, he was a god farm dog. I opened the door and of course Bear just started barking away! I gave him my mean look and he stopped and jumped into the back seat of the truck. Connor started the truck, and we headed out the lane towards his farm.

"So where we startin today sweet cheeks?" He asked flirtingly.

"What do you want?" I asked suspiciously.

"Nothin, I swear. Now where are we startin?"

"Top field, we'll make our way down today."

We stopped at the barn to get the tractor with the hay wagon attached. We loaded it up with enough hay for all five fields and jumped on the tractor to get going. The tractor was pretty old. There was no cab so I either drive and have him holding on to the back, or I had to sit on his lap. Most of the time I drove, but today I mean he was feeling very flirty.

We both know how we feel about each other, and there's no reason not to show it. I mean we work together everyday, these feelings were bound to come along. But Connor and I we had love for each other that could last a life time. We never expressed everything, the sexual tension between the two of us is so high you'd need a butcher knife to cut through it. When we were in high school, there were always hugs, occasional kisses, and the sex, well that's when we were drunk. But now that were out of high school, I love him more than I ever thought I would. Connor was the first person who stole my heart, and the first person I had sex with, and neither of those things will I ever get back.

Connor started up the tractor and I climbed on his lap. He set on hand on my leg, and the other on the wheel. We slowly putted our way up to the top field. I put my hand on top of the one on his leg ever so gently. He quickly grasped it and wouldn't let go. It was soothing to be held by him. There was just something in the way that he treated me that always made me feel safe. When we got the top field he let my hand go as I sat up off his lap.

I took the gloves out of my back pocket and headed to the back of the wagon with Connor to get a bail each to feed to the cows in the top field. We opened up the hole in the fence and made our way to the feeders. They are circular bins for whatever you're feeding the cattle with stalls for them to get to it. Connor took the first one and I took the second. I tossed the bail in the center and got out my knife to cut the twine to break it up a little.

Connor and I did this four more times before emptying the wagon and making our way down to the barn. We parked the tractor and headed into the barn to feed the horse, the pregnant heifers in the maternity stalls, the pigs, and then to the chickens. While Connor was giving the horse Marcela, a young mare, her oats I went into the first maternity stall to give her, her hay when Connor asked me a rather shocking question.

"Mis, do you want kids?"

"Yes?" I asked surprised "Why do you ask?"

"Well you're 20 now, and I'm 21 and I mean our parents had us young, and I would like to start settling down, take over the farm for my parents, cause they ain't getting any younger!"

"Oh," I really didn't know what to say.

"Well, if and when you have kids what do you want?"

"Well I'd like at least one girl, so I can teach her softball, but the rest boys. I don't think I could take more than one hormonal teenage girl."

"Agreed." He said laughing cause he knew it was true. "If we had kids, we'd have a hell of an athlete."

Connor and I were both very into sports in high school. Broke records, since we were freshman. But neither of us wanted to leave our farm life, it's just who were are. Even though both of us could've had free rides to plenty of colleges.

"You think?" I said peeking my head out of the last stall as I caught him starring at my ass.

"Yes! I mean I can only imagine a little Misty running around in her barefoot through the pastures, chasing boys, beating the shit out of them." He finished coming towards me.

"I could only imagine a bunch of little Connor's running around the farm beating animals with anything they can find, wrecking trucks, beating up boys who look at his best friend the wrong way." I said filling the space between us.

"Why didn't we give us a better chance?" He said putting his arms around my waist.

"Well you had constant girls drooling over you, and I was so afraid of loosing you, that I didn't push us."

"We always have that night up in the loft." He said as we both looked up to the hay loft above us.

"I fell in love with you that night."

"It took you that long? I knew since I was a freshman that you were the girl for me."

"Well let's just say that it was the thing that made me admit to myself that I was in love with you."

I don't think this much emotion had ran through this barn since the night in the loft. My mom had just died three days earlier and I wanted nothing more than just to be held my Connor. Well holding each other went to kissing, and kissing turned into stripping, and you can guess what came next. I don't think I've ever cried that much than that night. I was scared, hurt, missing my mama, in love, I can't even tell you what else I was feeling. Daddy and Mama pulled me aside when they test came back that her cancer had moved to her lungs, and we knew that it wouldn't take much longer. But in the matter of two weeks, god ripped a mother away from her 16 year old daughter, and left a father who knew nothing about girls other than they can be hormonal with a 16 year old girl.

"The only question I have for you is are we going to try this?"

"Yes, as long as you are ready."

"Ready? Hell I've been ready my whole damn life!" He explaimed

He put his hands on the side of my face, pulling stray hairs out of my face. He leaned closer making our foreheads touch, I could feel every muscle in his hard body touching mine. The only thing that wasn't touching was our lips at this point. Finally we filled in the space between them. As we continued to kiss we heard a crash and immediately pulled apart and looked around. I looked across the find our dad's sitting there watching us.

"Good one Curt. You pulled them apart!" My dad said smacking Curt on the arm.

"Daddy! What the hell?"

"Jake didn't I say that these two would be shacking up? I called that one!" Curt said laughing.

I looked at Connor and he had nothing to say, he was as shocked as I was. What was there to say? Curt was right, and so was daddy for yelling at him for making noise to pull us apart.

"If were gonna make this work, I have one condition." I said stepping back putting my hands on my hips.

"And what's that?" Connor replied nervously.

"You start going to church again."

He let out a sigh, "Fine…but I also have no thing that I would like to change."

"And what's that?" I replied in the same nervous tone turning to set my gloves on the chair.

"Your last name." I spun around to see Connor on one knee. "Misty, will you marry me?"

The End

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