I spun around my chair and started going on relaxing mode. Wow, I hung up on Kate in the middle of such a suspenseful convey.

My mom who has such straight black hair, diva glasses, and a wonderful star necklace and is wearing the rare Forever 21 red sparkly gown, appeared through the door.

I got up on my chair lazily and muttered,

"What is it mom?"

My mom shook her head at such a frown on me. She said thoroughly:
"Why are you sad? We're going to Kate's now."

Wow, such an early time to move. I grabbed my duffel bag and looked at mom.


And she left just like that. I shrugged and started packing up. Loading stuff from my drawer to my bag, I noticed the picture album of me and Kate on the 3rd drawer. I flipped over the pages. I miss those times. Good thing I'm going to relive it again. I tossed it up and started digging some more.


I walked up the plane like any normal boy. I do look very rich, but I'm not bragging about it.

I found my plane seat: 251.

Well, even the rich people can go at the end row.

It took a lot of craziness before I could even load up.

Sometimes, people think Kate is my girlfriend because we mention words that are kinda touchy. But seriously...

I get carsick sometimes. But CARSICK doesn't mean you get sick in just some old car. No offense to those who have old cars.

More like 6 hours later, (the same amount of hours my school has.) the co-pilot announced we landed in Deep Go, Texas. A bus stop/bar which is near to Redwood Village, where the TURBO FOOD restaurant is located. And that's where Kate calls home.

Note to self I should not call Kate in person. That nickname kind of annoys her. Every nickname annoys her. I bet she's going to call me Lucas, my full name. I went down to pee at the bar's restroom, and once when the plane started to take flight, we walked up to a house for rent that cost $100000. Such cheap. But it is too expensive for people who actually are average and their amount is kinda like $600. But it's enough for me.

I left the house for a moment (with my parent's permission, of course.) I rushed to Kate's house and started knocking. The security guard opened the restaurant door. I asked him where is "Katrina" and he started pointing upstairs, which leads to a home-like floor. Of course this is locked due to being family-and-friend-private. I started calling Kate to know that I'm here, but of course she started asking first and thinking I was a stalker. But of course she knew it was me. So the gate automatically opened and I hung my jacket inside her room. Of course we started talking like we never talked before. Which led us to a smile...and a hug.

It's only 15 more days before college starts, and we're already getting ready.

The End

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