Skype In The Summer

After a long time of being away, neighbors and best friends Luke Frenz and Katrina Montez are back together, but this time it gets tough. With college coming up, they have a lot to deal with, and unfortunately, this College will eventually take advantage of each other's relationship.

4 AM, Redwood Village, Texas, USA.




I was comfortably on a deep sleep on my bed, when my legs wrecked everything. My legs got tightened up with the blanket, leaving them twisted, and making me crash into the floor. I opened one eye uncomfortably, managed to kick out of my blanket and looked at the window. Wow, it's still dark and raining. I then looked at the wall clock. 4 AM. I never woke up this early before. My hair was tied up like a bun using the chopsticks I collected at one of those famous Chowking restaurants. My pink t-shirt was still ironed perfectly, and my shorts were so short I didn't even notice I had shorts on. I then noticed my legs are cold. Then I heard a cooking pan crash downstairs. Oh no, I almost forgot my parents are still having their 24 hour shift in our restaurant "Turbo Food". I got my sweater from the back of my door and put it on, and went downstairs to check things out. Wow, everything was a wreck. There were students who are on their school shift (which is so early) and tourists who are hurrying up their breakfast before their trip. I didn't want my parents to notice I'm already awake, so I went upstairs quickly. Opening the door to my room, I noticed that I can't sleep anymore, so I just thought of what to do.

I found my computer on my study desk, so I sat down immediately on the orange chair and starting logging on. I noticed the Skype icon and noticed I could message Luke, I logged on and started waiting for his message. He answered. He also started the conversation first.

"Hey Kate! Wow, you noticed it's 4 am there. Why so early?"

"Bedroom wreck. *YAWN* Anyways, how is it in China?"

"*smirk* You're missing the great wall of China."

"Aw geez, I should've went there too.:


"Because I have a College Entry Project on Monday. I have to research about the Great Wall Of China."

"Well that's karma."

"No it's not!"

"You just don't know what karma is."

"Ugh. Skip that."

"Anyways, guess what?"


"I, Luke, Am going to your COLLEGE! And we're going to be neighbors again."

I grinned at what he said from ear to ear. My heart was cheering inside.

"Wow! I-i don't know what to say."

He then logged off.

I don't know why he logged off but I am so EXCITED because we're going together again!!!

The End

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