Information on Faraefolkis including there types and believed origans.

Their origens are many some belived they were spirits of the dead, early gods, nature spirits or fallen angels.There is a great variety of names for fairies because it was believed that they hated to be spied upon or talked about. To say them by name was to give the power over you, so it was safer to name them obliquly "The goo neibours", "Those yins", "the fair family" or "the little people". In great Britian alone there were 180 names for different kinds of fairies, they can be beautiful, ugly, tall, samll, they can fly, change shape or become invisible dependent on the type of fairy.

Good fairies are not to be underestimated they have a mean streak and are quick to take offence and can also deal out a mighty wrath. In Europe the good fairys are;

- Trooping fairies who love music, dancing and merriment they are also known as Pixies.

- Household fairies who like to help out the household doing chores while the owners are out, they are also known as Brownies, The Hobs, The Lobs and Silkies.

- Helpful fairies are Habetrot who is a spinner, Wayl who is a smith, The Border fairies who borrow and lend, The Plant Rhys Dwfen who are honest welsh traders and the gentle Selkies(the seal people) who can forgive injuries.

Evil fairies are able to destroy crops, kidnapp children replacing them with changlings and cast spells. Evil Fairies are;

-"The unseely court" in Scotland, these arer the Sluagh (the host of the unforgiven dead) who roam above the earth forced to slain men and cattle. Similars are The Gabriel Rachets, The Devil and his Dandy dogs and other varients of "the Wild Hunt"

-Gwyn ap Nudd who is the welsh king of the dead

-The murderous Redcap.

- Bogies and Goblins who kidnapp children.

-Spriggers who destroy buildings and cattlethey also stael children.

-Monsters like the Orcadian Nuckelavee, The Baobhansith who are highland vampires and evil water spirits such as Kelpies, Nelly Greenleeth and Peg Power of the Trees

The Irish love fairies for their beauty, music and merriment but they are feared for their formidable vengeance. 

- The banshee who is known for her wailing voice a suposed omen of death, she is sympathetic not a cause of the actual death but a prophecy of it. 

-The Gancaner (the "love talker") a handsome fairy who wins the hearts of young maidens

-The Ghillie Dhu who helps lost children.

- The Phooka is like a Brownie helping the Household.

-Finvarra who is the Irish king of the dead.

Fairy legends in France are strogest in the Celtic region of Brittany.

-The Korrigans of Brittany are similar to the English Spriggans they are evil faifies who steal mortal babies and suduce mortal men they hate christianity and most of all they hate the virgin mary.

-The Courils are equally as danferous they dance around standing stones drawing in mortals into the dance and dancing them tto death.

The End

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