Suddenly, the sea air was replaced by the moist atmosphere of temperate forest.  Laura found herself standing in the middle of a four way crossroad with Dante holding her gently.  She fell out of his grip and braced herself against a tree, her knees beginning to buckle.

"Take your time," Dante said, calmly. "The guild is only half a kilometer away.  We can be there in fifteen minutes, but this is as far as I can get a non-guild member."

Laura looked up at the the four way sign and read the two legibile planks.  They read:

Winchesterton N
Darkwood E

She held her breath.  How did they get so far?  Mon Garnage was a sea port in south eastern Arcadia, and Winchesterton was about as far inland as you can get.  He's a magician.  She thought.

Slowly, the two companions made their way downhill to the gate of the guild. Dante was right, the walk was not very long at all, but Laura was still shaky from stress, which made it no easier. 

The gate of the guild was monstrous.  It stood taller than the highest buildings in Mon Garnage.  Constructed from Oak and Teak, the gigantic structure hogged most of the landscape.  Its edges were weathered by age, but it still retained a grand presence.  Above the gate, the word 'Eve' was spelled out before her in five foot tall gold lettering. 

Dawn's purple lines shot across the sky.  Dante walked up to the door and stepped forward.  Laura hung back, unsure of what to do.  He drew back his sleeve and exposed a seal of some sort.  It resembled the Yin Yang symbol, which Laura had seen on the clothing of oriental traders in the ports, but was bright gold.  Shining in the ever-growing sunlight, the seal glowed with a mysterious, abstract feeling.  The gate before them creaked open.

Laura and Dante walked into a long stone corridor, lit with torches every few feet.  The moist, damp air of the hallway was almost too much for Laura to bear.  Suddenly, without any warning, they were stopped by a stone wall.  It hadn't been there before.  There had to be some sort of mistake, why would anybody make a passage leading to nowhere?

Dante, knowing what to do, tapped the stones in a particular fashion with a sword at his hilt.  Laura was amazed at his nimbleness; the sword had to have weighed at least twenty pounds, yet he was maneuvering it about as if it were a stick.  Having finished, he stopped.  The wall crumbled away, leaving them in a room with a complete three dimensional map of Arcadia.  People wandered about, each wearing a specific type of robe.  Everything was full of life.

"Welcome," Said Duncan, smiling, "To the guild, Eve."

The End

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