A city in flames

Four hours later, Laura awoke to a putrid scent.  She was laying in a bush with her head rested up against a fence post.  It took her a second to remember what had happened.  Laura immediately jolted up and peeked over the fencepost.  What she saw nearly gave her a heart attack.

Mon Garnage, the town that she had grown up in and knew from top to bottom, was burning.  Not just a few buildings, the entire town was on fire.  Beside her lay two fresh carcasses, a man and a woman.  She could barely hold down her supper.

Right then, one word jumped into her mind.  Monique!  She took off down the road at a speed which she had never gone before.  Nothing in the town was alive anymore.  Orange flames lit the streets brilliantly, eliminating the need for any streetlights.  No house stood untouched by the raid.  Everything had been plundered and/or destroyed.  Hundreds of dead lay about the streets, and tears ran rampantly down Laura's cheeks.

She approached the inn, and saw that it too was on fire.  "Oh my god."  She whispered, and sprinted up the steps. 

It felt like an oven in there.  The heat would be unbearable in any situation other than this, but adrenaline grants a person with extreme physical capabilities that define normal.  Laura felt her heart stop when a silhouetted body appeared in the corner of the bar.  She couldn't help it: She screamed.

Laura, using the incredible amount of adrenaline pumping through her veins, had carried Monique outside and laid him upon the stone street.  "Monique..."  She screamed, "Wake up!"  Tears were streaming down her face now.  You can't be dead!  You're not dead!  Oh my god Monique just get up!  She thought desperately. 

At that moment, a clink of metal against metal resounded about twenty yards in front of her.  Laura looked up to see a bandit with an eyepatch and a breastplate walking towards her.  He was carrying a menacing-looking axe and had a look that could make God himself turn in vain. 

"My oh my, little deary..."  He said, licking his lips, "It seems we've missed one..."  The axe rose above his head, and he charged towards her.

Laura stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes.  In a swift movement, she grabbed a knife from Monique's belt and unsheathed it.  "Come on you little rat..."  Laura mumbled, grimacing, "You won't ever see day again." 

The End

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