Mon Garnage

Breathing heavily, Laura darted among the shadows of Mon Garnage.  All around her, pedestrians wandered about the streets with the intent of going back to their abodes and resting for the night.  A store owner to her right was just locking his door, and a drunk stumbled across the street muttering something about a game of chess.

Five minutes of running later, the cobblestone ground turned to dirt.  no buildings were in sight, and lush forest took over the landscape.

Laura leaned up against a fence off to the side and rested her hands on her head.  The particular part she was leaning on was meant to keep dogs out of the farmers' crops, but it could barely hold Laura's weight.

Bugs were lazily buzzing around the streetlight that sat on the end of a bridge.  On the other side of the river lay Fuller Downs, a massive trading outpost known for it's exotic goods.  One could only imagine how they got those magnificent items across the dangerous Arcadian countryside.

She was staring up at the stars idly wondering wbout such things when suddenly screams rang out.

"Bandits!"  Yelled a trader, running across the bridge at top speeds.  "Help!"  He screamed.  The bridge shook under his weight.  "Somebody, please--" 

Suddenly he was cut off.  His face went completely blank, and he collapsed face first onto the bridge, an arrow sticking out of his back.  Laura could barely supress her screams.  A tall, muscular man wearing a mask stepped out of the darkness and onto the bridge, laughing sinisterly.

Beside her, a woman screamed ear-peircingly.  Laura, using all of her strength, leaped over the bridge and into the underbrush.  There, she watched in horror as the bandit sprinted across the bridge and claimed the woman's life too.  Time seemed to pass by painfully slowly as she watched a horde of bandits charge across the bridge and into Mon Garnage.  Everything spun around in her mind, all of the shapes blurred...

And then there was darkness.

The End

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