Quite a surprise

As soon as she pulled aside the curtains, she saw she was looking into a very nice room.  Tapestry hung everywhere, and wealth seemed to extend it's grip everywhere within those four walls.  The bed was not as Laura had remembered it, for on its head sat two plush suede pillows and the blanket had tassels hanging off its sides. 

Laura sat in the window in awe as she took in what she saw.  She had never seen such riches before in her life, and she could not imagine the likes of which in Mon Garnage.  Well, at least in the part of town where she lived.  The life she knew was filled with poverty, starvation, and sadness...  While this young boy was treated like a king!  Is he a king?  She thought to herself.  Some type of royalty anyway... How could he afford all of this?

Suddenly, the boy opened the door and walked over to the bed.  Laura leaned against the windowsill and peeked through a crack in the curtains to see what was going on. 

The boy was frustrated with something, for he was not only removing his clothes, but he was ripping them off with anger.  He stopped when he got down to a tank top and a pair of leather chaps, and took off his black shoes.  At that moment, the boy jolted up and turned his head around.  Laura could barely stand to look, she believed she had been caught.  Luckily, he just shook his head and continued his task. 

His constant grumbling was almost incomprehensible to Laura, for she only caught a few words.  'Root', 'Guild', and 'Slaughter'.  These really didn't make any sense, so she decided to forget them. 

He walked over to the closet and pulled out a wooden thing with strings.  What is he doing?  Laura thought.  The boy sat down on the bed and began to pluck at the strings.  They made beautiful sounds.  Laura had heard them in the town square before, but none as pretty as this.  She was absolutely stunned and frozen to her spot. 

The playing stopped.  "Are you gonna sit there listening all night, or are you going to come inside?"  He said, looking towards the curtains.

Petrified, Laura stumbled away from the window quickly and vanished into the night. 

The End

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