Only us

Laura had just finished the tankard of cherry beer when the thought of the boy from earlier sprung to her mind.  She got an idea and walked over to Monique.  "Hey, do you remember that young boy from earlier?"

Monique nodded, drying out a glass.  "Yeah.  Tall, attractive, dark brown hair...  Fifteen-ish.  Pretty odd for someone to check into my inn at that age."

"What room is he in?"  She questioned.  "I'm just gonna check up on him."

Monique sighed miserably and looked over at the check-in box.  "First one on the right.  But I swear to god...  If he--"

"Thanks pops!"  Laura yelled back at him.

She ran outside and looked at the Inn.  "First one on the right, that would mean..."  Laura began to decipher the various hallways until she found a way in.  She ran up to the archway and began to climb the railing upwards.  Her atheletic body appriceated the workout.

Crouching outside of his window, she pulled aside the curtains.

The End

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