Brother and sister

By the end of the day, the empty tankard that Laura had used to collect money was filled to the brim.  Customers were thinning out, and the performer was actually quite tired herself.  Her pockets overflowing with money, Laura decided to call it a day.

In the bar room of the inn, she walked over to the counter and took a seat.  Monique turned around with a glass full of Blood Orange Ale; Laura's favorite drink.  "Glass for a glass?"  He said, grinning wildly.

Laura laughed and poured half of her earnings out onto the counter.  "Now give me the juice you fat old slob!" 

Not a second after she picked up the glass, she heard two excited screams from behind her.  "Laura!" 

She turned around and found herself hugging her two best friends, Rojo and Delana. 

Rojo was twelve, an avid adventurer, and was about as nice of a kid as they come.  He was better at blending into crowds then his two counterparts, and he had a particularly nimble hand when it came to...  Lightening pockets.

Delana, at fourteen, was a girl with much natural beauty and little to no modesty.  More bluntly, one might describe her as more of a windbag.  But in any case, she acted as the distraction while Rojo took care of the dirty work. Their profession was challenging, to say the least, but overall rewarding.  After all, who would question two innocent-looking adolescents in a world with so many other bandits and pickpockets?

The two were the best thiefs in the entire village of Mon Garnage, but neither could survive without the other.  Although they had been born from seperate mothers, they shared a sibling-like bond that made them stand out a mile in any case.

"What's up you dirty little Rascals?"  Laura said, ruffling Rojo's hair.

"Nothin' much.  Hey Delana, could I use some of our bread to buy me an ale?"  Rojo questioned, cutely.

Monique, thinking ahead of time, slid two small glasses of the drink over to the siblings.

Delana gawked.  "I'll let you have half of one, and if you're not sick by then, who knows?  Seconds on Laura!"  She yelled the last bit out enthusiastically.

Laura furrowed her brow, despite being amused.  "Hey!"  She scolded.

Ignorantly, Rojo and Delana clinked their glasses together triumphantly and indulged. 

The End

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