The town bell had just chimed seven when Laura stepped out of the La Budaro and in to the brisk autumn air.  More people were up than before, and the casual chatter flowed about the streets.

She tucked her ponytail in to her cap and walked down the creaky steps.  Laura looked out into the crowd just to see who her customers would be, but she spotted something that caught her eye.

A cute boy with Shaggy brown hair, about her age, was swimming through the crowd trying to get to the inn.

he stopped at the entrance and looked at Laura suspiciously.  It was then that Laura realized that she was still staring in his direction.  She turned away quickly, blushing.

The boy dropped a shiny silver coin into Laura's hand, who looked back at him with a gaping hole for a mouth.  "You need it more than I do, Kiddo."  He said, smiling.

"Th-thanks!"  Laura said nervously.  He walked into the inn, and Laura sighed subconsciously. 

A soft breeze came in and began to pick up steadily.  Laura, feeling particularly light inside, sat down on an empty keg and pulled out her old rosewood flute.  The sky was a particularly pretty shade of blue today, and laura could feel something positive coming about in her mind.  Today was going to be good.

Laura took a deep breath and began to play.

The End

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