Far and few between

The adventures of Laura and friends. A story taking place in a medieval world, complete with magic, fighting, and drama. Join the story! :) --->

The purple streaks of dawn spread over the sky, a wonder that gave the early risers a reason to get up in the morning. All the magic in the world would have a hard time competing with nature's beauty.

On the streets of Mon Garnage, Peddlers and business owners stumbled from place to place, hoping to get to their destinations before the customers came pouring in. The footsteps of the villagers in their cheap shoes padded about the autumn air. No one was willing to talk yet, it was still to early in the morning.

Among them, a young girl walked towards the Le Budaro inn, darting between pedestrians walking on the cobblestone streets. She emerged from the crowd and leaned against the Inn's stone wall, watching the people go by. Soon, a fat middle-aged man walked out of the crowd of pedestrians. He walked up to the door of his inn before realizing the girl was there. Finding this out, he smiled at her brightly. "Laura! Good to see you up this early!"

Laura shrugged and brushed her long blonde hair behind her ear. "I figured i'd catch the morning rush. So you're taking over who's shift?" She questioned, following her aquaintance into the inn.

"Renoir's, if he's awake." He mumbled, walking in to the parlor. Sure enough, behind the bar sat a sleeping Renoir, pipe still in hand. "Sweet Mary..." he groaned, walking up to Renoir. "Get up you stupid idiot!"

Renoir jolted up in his seat, tipping over his beer. "Monique!" He said, dumping the contents of his pipe in to the ashtray beside him. "Good to see you!"

"I'm afraid I cannot say the same thing about you." Monique laughed heartily. "Go to your house and get some rest, man!"

The bartender hastily obliged and traded posts with Monique. Laura sat at the sparsely populated bar sipping a glass of wine. "So I figure I can sit outside on the steps." She said.

"Works for me. Your business is my business. I think a traveler is more likely to stay at a place with you at the doorstep than just any old place." Monique said, smiling. "You're like a daughter to me, remember that."

Laura chuckled. "By the looks of that belly, you might very well have another on the way!" She said, getting up from her seat.

Monique frowned and glared at her. "You little..." It was too late. Laura had already ran outside. "Girls." He said to himself. "You want 'em, but when you get 'em... You get sensible enough to change your mind." Laughing, the bartender got back to his work.

The End

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