Faith's Finding

"Belle!? Where are you?" Faith shouted.

Faith was to busy training that he forgot about Belle and when he got home she was gone. So Faith is looking for Belle but she is nowhere to be seen.

"Belle...." Faith started to cry. "I musn't...cry over...something like this." Faith tried to pull himself together.

Faith looked all over his house and Belle was not there. He looked around at the park but she wasn't there either. "Just maybe..." Faith thought. Faith started walking towards Kesandra's house. While he was walking to her house, he saw many cool things and beautiful flowers. One flower had an orange tint at the tip and went yellower down to the middle. "That flower looks cool, I like it." Faith said to himself.

Faith was only 2 minutes away from Kesandra's house. He could see it at the end of the street. He started running but at the corner of his eye, he saw a dragon. He walked towards it, it was only a baby. "Hmm...where's your mother?" Faith asked. The dragon couldn't talk but he made signs. He was pointing, then he sneezed fire and then he made an imitation of falling.

"Did your mother get in a fight?" Faith asked.

The baby dragon nodded.

"Can you lead me to her?" Faith asked again.

He nodded again. He started running. Faith ran after him. They got to a cliff and Faith went bug eyed. Faith saw this huge dragon at the bottom. The baby dragon wanted him to follow it of the cliff but Faith just shook his head.

"I can't fly if your wondering." Faith stated.

The baby dragon gave Faith a weird look.

"I can't go down that cliff, if I do then I will die." Faith said.

It looked at Faith like it was disappointed.

"Don't be sad, look I will help you but we have to find an alternate route." Faith said, trying to cheer him up. The baby dragon smiled.

Those two walked along the side of the cliff looking for a path down. They probably walked for 25 minutes looking until they finally found a small, narrow path.

"Well, should we go?" Faith asked

It nodded. They walked down the path, carefully.

The End

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