Kesandra's Love

"Why can't I say it?" Kesandra wondered.

Kesandra has a big crush on Faith but she can't say that she loves him. It is one of those kind of love. She gets all nervous when she talks to him and she blushes so much. It is impossible for her to not blush. She always wants to be with Faith but she gets so nervous that she runs away.

"Why...?" Kesandra has been saying that word more and more. Faith doesn't even notice Kesandra yet he is the only person on her mind. She usually goes to William for advice but it doesn't really work. One tip was to always hug him and show your affection but she can't even get a meter near him. Another was to give him gifts like strawberries but she didn't know that he hates strawberries. His tips might work with Kyle but not for Faith.

The next day Kesandra was in the training field practicing her sword skills when Faith walked over. Kesandra instantly froze and went red.

"Hey Kesandra. How are you?" Faith asked.

"I-i'm good." Kesandra replied.

"Do you wanna see Belle?" Faith asked, politely.

"S-sure." Kesandra answered.

"Hold on just a sec........Ok, here she is." Faith showed Belle to Kesandra and she bounced towards Kesandra.

"Hello Belle." Kesandra said.

"*bounce bounce*" Belle bounced around.

"She is really cute." Kesandra said.

"Yes, isn't she." Faith agreed.

"I h-have to g-go. bye." Kesandra said, nervously. She hugged Faith then quickly left.

Kesandra is slowly but steadily overcoming her fear. She is scared of having her heart broken. She would die if he hated her even if he said it but didn't mean it, it would kill her. Kesandra ran home and wrote in her diary. She always had a diary, ever since she was young she had a diary. She always wrote in it.

Dear Diary,

Guess what! I hugged Faith. I can't believe I actually did that! I didn't know I had the courage. Why do I always freeze up though, that is the question that haunts me. I guess I am truly in love with him. I just don't know how to show it, maybe that is why I show it like how I do now? Hmm...maybe. But I am scared that he may not love me back. Well there is always a chance. Good night Diary.

Sincerely, Kesandra.


The End

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