Faith's First Mission (Part 2)

"This place is scary." Faith said to himself, as he crept more into the darkness of the forest. "I must be brave. I must be brave. I must be brave." Faith repeated to himself. Faith was always scared and is basically a wuss. He heard many things like strange sounds that sounded like a fairy and growling and then he heard laughing and bouncing sounds.

Faith walked around a tree and into a bright sunny field. Along the field he saw many, many Nuzzies. Nuzzies were cute purple fuzzy balls of fluff and they loved to bounce around. They were really fast, Faith tried to catch one and the Nuzzie bounced away. He jumped his fastest had a Nuzzie but he missed just by an inch. "Oh my....this is so hard." Faith complained. He tried to catch one of guard and catch it but he ended up missing. Faith was a quick decision maker, which was one of his few pros. He noticed that they loved to bounce so he started bouncing. The Nuzzies started bouncing towards Faith; They started bouncing with him. He caught one right next to him and put it in a cage. He bounced again and caught another, and another. "How many was I supposed to catch?" Faith wondered. He looked at his map to see if his father had put the number of Nuzzies on his map but it didn't and he lost his mission paper when he was crossing a river. He decided to catch one more just to be sure. He now had four and they were mad, all except for one. Faith noticed and he let it walk next to him. The Nuzzie didn't run/bounce away. He stayed right next to Faith

Faith found the pathway and started walking out. He was walking for about 15 minutes when he walked out of the forest. Another 10 minutes walking back to the village. He was finally back at the village and his friend noticed him, Kesandra first.

"H-hi Faith." Kesandra asked, nervously.

"It was hard and that forest was scary but I did it." Faith replied.

"Oh. Good job." Kesandra said.

"Thank you." Faith replied again.

"Hey! Your back!" Kyle shouted.

"Yes I am." Faith said.

"So did you catch three Nuzzies?" Kyle asked.

"Oh...three?" Faith asked, wondering.

"Yes, three, let's see the cage." Kyle asking.

"Ok." Faith pulled out the cage and saw that there were three and there was one beside him.

Jay came up to Faith and congratulated him. He got his first badge. Badges are the symbol to show that you finished a mission or how many you finished. Faiths Badge shown the number 1 and a picture of a Nuzzie.

"Thank you, father." Faith showed his thanks.

"No problem, but I see you caught an extra one." Jay said.

"Yea, I forgot how many so I got four but I've taken a liking to this one. I haven't named him yet but I will now." Faith said.

"Hmm...just to let you know, that Nuzzie is a female." Jay showed.

"Eh...I knew that." Faith said, lying.

"Sure." Jay said. Everybody laughed.

"Well I'm naming her, Belle" Faith said.

Faith finished his first mission and he also got a new pet. He walked home along with everybody else and as soon as he got home he went straight to his room and fell asleep.

The End

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