Faith's First Mission (Part 1)

"Are you serious!" Faith  said, shocked.

Faith was told by his father that he would go on his first mission. Faiths fathers name is Jay and he is the leader for the Power Squad. Faith is part of the Youth Squad that is controlled by the Power Squad. There are only 5 boys and 3 girls in this squad. It is the smallest ever. But two of the member's are Faith and Kesandra. The other 4 boys are: Kevin, William, James and Kyle. The 2 other girls are: Serah and Kassidy. Serah and James both like each other but they won't admit it. Kevin and Kassidy are dating and William and Kyle both like each other, they both admitted it. Faith currently like's nobody but Kesandra has a major crush on him but she denies it if anybody asks.

Kesandra had her first mission two weeks ago and William has his last week. It was Faiths turn for a mission.

"So what do I have to do?" Faith asked.

"You have to collect 3 Nuzzies." His father replied.

"So is it hard?" Faith questioned.

"Not quite. At least it should be moderatly easy, if your fast." He answered.

"Oh..." Faith said, worriedly. "Well then should I go?"

"If you want but I would suggest that you get something for catching." Jay suggested.

Faith listened to his fathers words and went directly to the monster shop. Faith kept remembering his fathers hint. "I would suggest that you get something for catching." It took him a while for the words to sink in. "A net!" Faith said. He looked in the monster catching section and looked for a net. "Ah, here it is" Faith quietly said to himself. He grabbed it and walked to the counter and paid for it.

"Are you going for you first mission?" the cashier lady asked.

"Yea, I am quite excited." Faith replied.

"Good luck." She said.

"Thank you." Faith replied again.

Faith walked out of the store and looked at his map. His father marked his map with washable ink. Faith looked around his map until he saw the mark. " I go to the Ganzai Forest?" Faith said to himself.

Faith set out to the Ganzai forest with his net in his backpack and his staff in hand. His friends behind at the village shouting "Good luck Faith!" and "See you soon".



The End

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