Fantasy Works

5 Boys, 3 Girls. Do they have the power? or speed? We have to wait and see.

In this world, monster run wild and free, but some go on a rampage in cities and villages. There are a group of monster tamers called Fantasy Works. That group has been around for 174 years.Only family members are allowed and a selected few. If the original family and the selected few decide to get married, they leave to group until they have their first child. When they have their first child, they come back and the child learns how to become a monster tamer and then the second and third and so on.

When you become a monster tamer, you can choose out of 3 classes. Take a sword and learn to be a swordsman (swordswoman), Take two small knives and learn to steal and become a thief, and last, take a staff or wand and become a mage.

The story starts with a boy who goes by the name of Faith. He is part of the original family and he is the oldest but he lacks skill. He chose to become a mage but he doesn't know many spells. The story also focuses on a girl who's name is Kesandra. She is the oldest in her family and she became one of the selected few. She is very skillful and noble. She became a swordswoman and she is very courageous except when it comes to love. She has a very big crush on Faith but she keeps it a secret. When Faith talks to Kesandra, she gets all shy and her face goes red like a tomato and she can't keep a straight face. Well is basically the stuff you need to know so please read this romantic fantasy story.

The End

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