Fantasy High: Part Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen- Siren Song


               The first thing Blaze heard was a voice. It was a pretty, no, a beautiful voice, the voice of an angel. The voice was singing softly, singing Blaze's pain away. There was also a hand. A soft, cool hand that gently stroked the side of his face, easing the pain. Blaze was content to lie there forever and let the voice and hand be the only thing he knew. But soon, Blaze couldn't keep his eyes closed anymore. He had to see the face that went with the angelic voice and cool hand. But first, Blaze had to see if it was real. He found the rhythm of the hand that stroked his cheek, and he put his hand on top of it, pressing it against his cheek.
               There was a musical laugh, like waterfalls and bubbles popping. "So are you starting to wake up, Blaze?"
               Blaze slowly opened his eyes and looked up into the most beautiful face he had ever seen. The angel looking back at him had a heart shaped face with full, pale rose lips and entrancing dark blue eyes. Soft chocolate waves cascaded around the face, framing it with small chocolate wisps.
               Blaze let go of the hand and reached up, cupping the angel face with his rough hand. "Who are you?"
               The angel laughed and smiled down at Blaze. "I'm Veronica. I told you I would take care of you, that you would be safe here with me."
               Blaze smiled. "Angel, I'd feel safe with you even if we were surrounded by starving wulfen."
               Veronica laughed. "Blaze, how do you feel?"
               Blaze took the soft, cool hand and kissed it. "I feel great, as long as you're here."
               Veronica smiled. "Blaze, we need to get you to the infirmary. I'm not sure how badly you're hurt, but I know it's bad."
               Blaze was confused. Hurt? He didn't hurt. The only thing he felt was love and affection for the angel that held him. The angel took her hand away. Pain slammed into Blaze like a ton of bricks. He gasped.
               Veronica's face clouded with concern. "Is it that bad?"
               Blaze nodded, he'd lost all desire to move or make any noise at all. Veronica slowly helped Blaze up.               He cried out as he felt the pain in his knee.
               Veronica put his arm around her shoulder. "Lean on me."
               Blaze smiled. "Lean on me when you're not strong, I'll be there, I'll help you carry on."
               Veronica laughed. "I think the pain is making you loopy."
               Blaze leaned heavily against her. "It's not the pain, Angel."
               Veronica smiled. "Come on, let's go before you pass out again."
               Slowly and painfully, they made their way down the hallway. Veronica could tell Blaze was trying to be brave, but the pain was showing clearly on his face. His skin was slick with sweat and his already pale face was ashen, making him look like a wraith.
               Veronica stopped walking and helped Blaze sit down. "Blaze, we're going to wait here. I'll get someone to carry you to the infirmary."
               Blaze nodded slowly. Veronica pulled a fishing hook from her hair and blew on it. The sound of a boat whistle rang out, carrying far down the halls and rooms of the school.
               Blaze was breathing heavily. "You've got the voice of an angel, Veronica."
               Veronica smiled and sat down next to Blaze. "Thanks. My grandma was a siren and her voice was passed on to me."
               Blaze nodded. "What were you singing?"
               "It was a song that my grandma taught me, a song about siren life."
               Blaze leaned back and closed his eyes. "Can you sing it again?"
               Veronica smiled. "Only until help comes."
               Blaze's pain faded away as Veronica sang. He couldn't understand the words, as they were in the siren language. Yet the song's magic took hold and made him forget everything. The pain. Cambio. Pyro. And even himself.

The End

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