Fantasy High: Part Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen- I Love You


               "You know Az, maybe mom and dad were right. You shouldn't have come to this school."
               Azkedelia was talking with Atlantis through the mirror.
               Azkedelia shook her head and fiddled with the bow that laced up her shirt. "Atlantis, I can't leave. I'm doing fine here."
               Merlin snorted and leaned against the wall by her door. Azkedelia threw a purple pillow at him.
               Atlantis leaned forwards. "I agree with Merlin, Az. You've been attacked by a crazed phoenix, been in a coma for two days, and you were almost killed by an insane djamphir!  You really should switch schools. There's still room for students at this art school in Venice."
               A door opened.
               Atlantis looked around. "Az, I got to go. Think about it and try to stay out of trouble. Love you, bye!"
               "Wait, Atlantis!"
               The mirror went blank. Azkedelia sighed and fell back on the bed.
               Merlin pushed off the wall and walked to the bed. "Az, maybe you should…"
               "Merlin, if you say I should leave, I will hurt you, no matter how much I care about you."
               Merlin put his hands up. "Okay. I won't say it. But I will say you shouldn't stay here."
               Azkedelia hit Merlin in the arm.
               He laughed. "Az, it's not nice to hit people."
               Azkedelia groaned. "Merlin, what am I supposed to do? All of this, except for Kris, can't be coincidental."
               Merlin smiled and sat on the edge of the bed. "Az, now you're just being paranoid."
               Azkedelia sat up and looked at Merlin. "But what if I'm not? I keep getting this feeling like I'm being followed, being watched. I feel like something big is going to happen. And soon."
               Merlin brushed a lock of hair from her face. "Az, I promise I'll keep you safe. Nothing's going to get you."
               Azkedelia looked down. "I hope you're right, Merlin."
               Merlin pulled Azkedelia next to him. "I am. And even if there is something wrong, I'll protect you from whatever it isn't."
               Azkedelia smiled and leaned against him. "Okay, well then I hope it isn't a dragon because if it was, then I wouldn't be protected from it."
               Merlin gently grabbed her chin and tilted her face up. "I'll protect you no matter what it is."
               Azkedelia smiled and scooted closer to Merlin. Merlin wrapped his arm around Azkedelia's waist and pulled her on his lap.
               He leaned forwards until his forehead was against hers and looked into her dark purple bird eyes. "I love you, Az."
               Azkedelia leaned closer and pressed her lips against his. Merlin deepened the kiss and pressed her against him. Merlin leaned forwards and Azkedelia pressed harder against him. Merlin pushed her down against the bed and slowly pulled back. Azkedelia nipped Merlin's bottom lip and looked at him, a mischievous glint in her eyes. Merlin slid his jacket off and brought his mouth down on hers, hard. Azkedelia pulled him down on top of her. Merlin pulled back slowly and looked at the ribbon that laced up her shirt.
               "Why did you stop?" Azkedelia breathlessly asked.
               Merlin pulled the bow. "Who says I did?"
               The silk bow came untied. Azkedelia inhaled as Merlin pulled the top ribbon loose. Merlin pulled the second one loose. Azkedelia reached up and pulled Merlin's scarf off and threw it across the room. Azkedelia put her hand on the back of Merlin's head and brought his lips back down to hers. Merlin kissed her hard and ran his hand through her hair. Azkedelia reached for the hem of his shirt. She slid her hands up his shirt as he pushed her farther back on the bed. Azkedelia pulled his shirt up and Merlin helped her pull it over his head. Azkedelia nipped his lip again. Merlin grinned and slid his hand up her leg. Azkedelia put one hand on Merlin's strong shoulder and pulled herself closer. She nuzzled his neck with her soft lips.
Merlin cupped her face with one hand and looked into her eyes. "Do you want to?"
               Azkedelia pulled him down on top of her and kissed him again. Merlin growled and kissed her deeply as his hand slid from her leg to underneath her shirt. Azkedelia put one hand on his chest as Merlin put one hand on the bed and propped himself up.
               The door opened. "Fiera Az?"
               Merlin jerked back and Azkedelia sat up. "Sulphero Blaze! What are you doing here?"
               Blaze's grey eyes flickered between Azkedelia and Merlin. "Fiera, I knocked, but no one answered."
Merlin slid off of Azkedelia. "It's okay, Blaze."
               Blaze nodded and walked out. Azkedelia looked at Merlin.
               Merlin kissed her slowly one more time and walked around the room, grabbing his clothes. "Az, I'll be back in an hour to dress your shoulder. Think you can stay out of trouble until I get back?"
               Azkedelia re-laced her shirt and tied the bow again. "I think I can manage."
               Merlin smiled as he pulled his shirt over his head and put his scarf back on. "I love you, Az."
               Azkedelia smiled. "I love you too, Merlin."

The End

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