Fantasy High: Part Ten

Chapter Ten- Lesson One: Learn to Fall


               Merlin led Azkedelia to the giant black gates that led to the aviary.

               Azkedelia looked at the imposing structure. "This is where my class is?"
               Merlin nodded. "You'll be working on your Fiera skills. When you took over half of Pyro's Grellon, you were switched to this class."
               Azkedelia nodded and walked forwards. "So I'll be working on being a Fiera?"
               "Yes. They already have some phoenix from each Grellon."
               Azkedelia faced Merlin. "Well then I'll see you at lunch."
               Merlin kissed her cheek and nodded. "Bye. And try not to get any more injuries."
               Azkedelia laughed. "No promises."
               Merlin smiled and squeezed her hand. "Bye."
               Azkedelia turned and walked through the gates. She was hit by a whirlwind of scents, fire, smoke, and singed feathers. It smelled like phoenix. Azkedelia looked around. The class was in a giant cage! She walked forwards until someone grabbed her good arm.
               "Fiera! I already gathered the Grellon over here."
               Azkedelia nodded and followed Blaze over to the side. "So did I miss anything?"
               Blaze shook his head, his shaggy gold tipped raven hair blowing in a soft breeze. "Not really. They already knew you would be late because of your injuries." Blaze eyed the sling on her arm. "How long are you going to have to wear that?"
               Azkedelia pulled at the sling. "Until it's healed. They don't want me stressing my shoulder."
               Blaze nodded. "Okay. Well I'm not sure if your title suspension includes your class."
               Azkedelia shrugged as best she could with an injured shoulder. "I'm not sure either. But let's find out."
               Blaze nodded and led her towards the center of the aviary. "Fiero Dominique, this is my Fiera, Az. Headmaster DiVanno temporarily suspended her from her title duties. Does that also apply in class?"
               Fiero Dominique turned around. He was very muscular, each muscle seemingly carved from dark stone. He had short cropped black hair and dark eyes that sparkled in the light.
               Fiero Dominique looked at Azkedelia. "So you're the girl I've been hearing so much about, the one that cut Pyro's Grellon in half and put him out for awhile."
               Azkedelia nodded. "That's me, Fiero."
               Dominique laughed. "No, your suspension doesn't apply here.  I want to see what you can do."
               Azkedelia smiled. "This will be remembered, Fiero."
               Dominique laughed harder. "You're part fey. Only they don't say thank you. Well go on, back to your Grellon."
               Azkedelia smiled. Blaze led her across the cage to the Grellon.
               Dominique's deep voice boomed out across the aviary. "Alright pigeons, today you'll experience what being in a Grellon at this school is like. For some of you, this may be your first time ever in a Grellon. Now Fieras and Fieros, you will learn what it means to be a good leader. For some of you, this will be your first time leading a Grellon."
               Azkedelia felt every eye turn to her.
               "Eyes up front, pigeons! Just remember, changing as a Grellon and thinking with one mind can be hard. You will learn how hard. After everyone is used to functioning within their Grellon, we will have sparring contests between Fieras and Fieros. Work fast and may the wind always push you towards your destination."
               The Grellons broke apart when Dominique was done speaking.
               Blaze dubiously eyed Azkedelia's sling. "Fiera, you won't be able to change with that on."
               Azkedelia pulled at the sling. "I know, I know. Maybe my shoulder will still be okay if I don't wear it this class."
               Blaze nodded. "Fiera, each Grellon has a battle cry. We were wondering if you wanted a new one."
               Azkedelia pulled the sling off. "Yes. I'll think of one after we get used to working together."
               Blaze nodded. "Yes, Fiera."
               Azkedelia took a deep breath and looked at her Grellon. "We will change and fly together for the first time today. As soon as you are in phoenix form, you will say your name and rank."
               "Yes, Fiera."
               Azkedelia smiled at the response. She threw her arms down and changed. The rest of her Grellon followed suit.
               Azkedelia, Fiera.
               Blaze, Sulphero.
               Ash, Lieutenant.
               Azkedelia felt her power swell as the names came pouring in as her Grellon changed. Azkedelia screeched and took off, her flight a little unsteady from her injury. She felt the minds of all the members of her Grellon mingle and brush against hers and each others. Azkedelia banked left, the rest of her Grellon followed simultaneously. Azkedelia screeched twice with excitement. The cry was taken up by the whole Grellon.
               Would that be our new battle cry, Fiera?
               Yes, Lieutenant Ash. Yes it is.
               Azkedelia and her Grellon continued flying flawlessly compared to other groups that were dealing with new members or sorting out ranks.
               Dominique pulled a long silver whistle from his pocket and blew on it. A high pitched sound, too high for anything save phoenix and wulfen to hear. Azkedelia turned right and landed on the ground at her Grellon's starting point.
               Dominique walked around the Grellons, looking at each leader. "Fiera Az and Fiero Kris, please step forwards."
               Both phoenix stepped forwards, talons leaving furrows in the hard packed earth.
Dominique pulled a red silk handkerchief. "On my signal, you will fight. No fatal or serious injuries. No broken bones." Dominique waved the handkerchief and backed out of the circle. Kris made the first move and lunged, beak snapping. Azkedelia jumped in the air with a screech. Kris leapt after her. They locked talons in the sky, twisting around, seeking hold on the other. Kris ended up on top, with Azkedelia facing the ground. Azkedelia tried to break free, but couldn't. She hit the ground hard and blacked out.

The End

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