Fantasy High: Part Seven

Chapter Seven-Healing Power


               When Azkedelia had finally gotten to her room, it was ten o'clock. Azkedelia leaned against her door, the bed temptingly calling out to her. Instead, Azkedelia walked to the bathroom and turned on the water to fill up the ivory bathtub.
               The water heater taking too long for her taste, Azkedelia closed her eyes. "Firæs doltramos."
The water bubbled and Azkedelia rifled through her bag behind her until she found the elegant bottle carved from black onyx. She carefully pulled out the crystal stopper and tapped the bottle with her fingertip. Three taps, three drops. Azkedelia pulled off her clothes, wincing whenever the fabric touched a sore spot on her body. Azkedelia gingerly untied the bandage and peeled it off. She looked at the back of her shoulder in the mirror. The gashes were red and swollen, and hot to the touch. Azkedelia pressed her lips in a thin line. Her scratches bore the tell-tale mark of phoenix work.
               "There's no hiding that from anyone," Azkedelia said to herself. She climbed into the bathtub and gratefully sank into the pale gold bubbles. Azkedelia leaned back and put her head against the carved wings on the back of the tub. She sat in the water until it lost all heat. With a sigh, Azkedelia carefully got out of the slippery bathtub and grabbed a fresh pressed linen towel. She dried off and looked at her scratches again. The skin around them wasn't as red, thanks to the healing magic in the bubble bath. Azkedelia continued drying off and then walked into her room. She grabbed a one shoulder black top and a pair of matching shorts. Azkedelia put those on and brushed out her hair. After she was done, she walked to her bed. Azkedelia knew her Mythicara would come around to all the rooms and wake her and all the other girls on this floor tomorrow. Azkedelia slid in between the soft cotton sheets and turned out the light. A fire magically sprang up in the fireplace of its own accord. In the dim firelight, Azkedelia fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

The End

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