Fantasy High: Part Five

Chapter Five- Something To Say


               The sky was clear and there was a full moon. Venus could even be seen high in the sky. A soft warm breeze waltzed through, tugging at Azkedelia, begging her to fly. The night was warm and Azkedelia was very aware of her hand in Merlin's.
               "So my warlock guide, where is our walk taking us?"
               Merlin smiled. "To a special place."
               Azkedelia nodded. "And where is this special place?"
               "It's a secret. I found it by accident last year and it's been my haven ever since."
               Azkedelia nodded. "So how far away is it?"
               Merlin intertwined his fingers with hers. "Not far if we fly."
               "Merlin, phoenix aren't designed to carry passengers."
               Merlin laughed. "I know that. I meant magic."
               Azkedelia blushed, glad the shadows hid her face. "Right. I knew that."
               Merlin stopped walking and faced her. "Of course you did. And for this to work, we're going to have to be close."
               "And how close is close?"
               "Turn around."
               Azkedelia did and felt Merlin loosely wrap his arms around her waist.
               "This close."
               Azkedelia nodded, aware of a sudden electric current running between them. "Okay. So now what?"
               Merlin leaned forwards and whispered in her ear. "Close your eyes and lean back."
               "Okay." Azkedelia closed her eyes and felt herself lifted from the ground. The sudden wind when they went forwards made her fall back against Merlin.
               He chuckled. "This is why I told you to lean back."
               Azkedelia smiled. "Note to self: listen to Merlin."
               Merlin laughed and tightened his arms around her waist.  Azkedelia smiled, part of her wishing their flight would go on forever. She was slightly disappointed when she felt solid ground under her feet again.
               "Here it is."
               Azkedelia opened her eyes and looked around. Towering trees guarded the glen where she and Merlin were standing. Weeping willows and ivy-covered stone arches were scattered through the glen. A small waterfall gracefully fell from a hidden spot in the trees.
               Azkedelia smiled. "It's beautiful. How doesn't anyone else know about this?"
               Merlin let go of Azkedelia and walked to an arch, placing his hand on it. "I put a spell on the trees around it. If anyone gets too close to the trees, they turn around, thinking they're still going straight, but instead they walk around it."
               Azkedelia nodded. "So why show it to me?"
               Merlin looked up and leaned against the arch. "Because I know you won't let anyone else here. And because I can trust you."
               Azkedelia smiled. "Aw, I feel special now."
               Merlin laughed. "You should always feel special."
               Azkedelia smiled again and looked at the sky, then looked back at Merlin to find him watching her. "What?"
               Merlin shook his head and pushed off the arch. "Nothing."
               Azkedelia took a step forwards. "No, you were going to say something. What is it?"
               Merlin took a step closer. "You sure you want me to say it?"
               Azkedelia nodded.
               "No matter what it is?" Merlin took another step closer.
               "Just tell me. I don't care what it is."
               Merlin took another step forwards, standing directly in front of her. "Are you sure?"
               Azkedelia nodded. Merlin leaned forwards and pressed his lips against hers. An electric shock ran through them both. Merlin pressed his lips harder against hers. Azkedelia lifted her good hand and pressed it against the back of his head. Merlin deepened the kiss and wrapped his left arm around her waist, pulling her closer. Azkedelia titled her head as Merlin intertwined his fingers in her hair. Merlin pulled back and lightly brushed his lips across hers again before he let go of her hair. Azkedelia opened her eyes to see Merlin watching her, his blue eyes seeming to glow in the moonlight.
               "Is there anything else you'd like to add?" Azkedelia asked breathlessly.
               Merlin kissed her hard, forcing her back against the stone arch. He deepened the kiss and Azkedelia felt fireworks explode outward from her lips through her whole body. Merlin put his hands on either side of her waist and pulled her on top of the stone arch. Her fingertips slid up the side of his neck and against his jaw.
Merlin slowly pulled back and looked at Azkedelia. "And that's what I had to say."
               Azkedelia bit her lip. "That certainly was something to say."
               Merlin smiled and looked down. "Well, you wanted to know."
               "And it needed to be said. Or at least that's what I think."
               Merlin looked at Azkedelia. "So Az, what are you doing on tomorrow night?"
               Azkedelia looked at her lap. "Cleaning up the fight scene. Like I'm supposed to be right now." She jumped off the arch.
               "Come on, I'll take you back." Merlin stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist again.                     

               He whispered the incantation they took off in the night sky.

The End

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