Fantasy High: Part Two

Donia’s instructions led her to a birch door with onyx numbers handing in the center. Other than the numbers, the door was devoid of any other decoration. Including a door handle.

            “Well how am I supposed to open it if there’s no door handle?” Azkedelia asked herself. She put a hand on either side of the door and pushed.

            “You’re supposed to put one hand under the center number and say your full name,” a warm voice said behind her.

            Azkedelia whirled around, purple hair fanning out behind her. A tall girl pushed dark hair away from her oval face with a gold headband. “I’m Veronica. One of the mythicaras for your hall and resident swim coach and mermaid,” she introduced.

            “Azkedelia, transfer junior and fey/phoenix mix,” she offered. “Aren’t fishnets a little ironic for a mermaid to wear?”

            Veronica smiled, flashing straight white teeth. “Handmade from actual fishing net. I’m a bit different,” she explained with a sheepish shrug.

            “No, that’s really cool,” Azkedelia replied with a smile. “Thanks for explaining the door thing.”

            “No prob,” Veronica replied. “See you around.” She waved and walked down the hallway, her heels clicking against the smooth marble floor.

            Azkedelia smiled again and put her hand beneath the onyx one. She stretched, feeling the cool wood beneath her slim fingers.

            “Azkedelia Cheyenne Keystone,” she whispered. The edges of the door briefly lit up with a dim purple light before swinging open.

            Her room was large, compared to normal dorms, and in the shape of a perfect circle. The late afternoon sun shone through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors and reflected off red-gold walls.

            “Wow,” she said, awestruck, closing the door behind her. She slipped her bag strap over her head and let the bag fall to the floor as she looked around. True to Donia’s word, her suitcase was sitting at the foot of an oval shaped canopy bed.

            She sidestepped her suitcase and walked to a set of wrought-silver and glass French doors. The doors slowly opened of their own accord, welcoming in the warm summer breeze. She hungrily drank in the beauty of the snow-capped mountains that stood sentry over the baseball and football fields.

            Another breeze brought in the smell of carnations and orchids from the school greenhouses. Azkedelia closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, letting the smell pull her feet outside. She opened her eyes and screamed as she looked down, hands tightly gripping the door frame. When she realized she wasn’t falling, she tentatively put another foot out and heaved a sigh of relief when she felt something solid.

            She got back to her feet and brushed her thick hair out of her face. Embarrassed, she blushed as she saw other students looking up and laughing. Ignoring the other students, she walked forward until she was stopped by a solid wall.

            “Of course they’d have an invisible railing on an invisible balcony. Can’t have any idiots fooling around and falling off,” she said softly, leaning on the railing. “But it’s perfectly fine to scare the hell out of them before they realize that it’s all invisible.”

            Azkedelia enjoyed the view for a few more minutes before she turned and walked back into her room. She waved her hand and magically moved her suitcase onto her bed and unzipped it. She sat on the edge of her bed and said a few harsh words in the phoenix language and watched as her clothes flew out of her suitcase and into her closet and dresser.

            “Now what to wear tonight,” she wondered, glancing down at her black skinny jeans and purple tank top. “Maybe this with a few accessories,” she said, sorting through her necklaces and bangles.

            “Perfect,” she said with a smile as her eyes lit up.

The End

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