Fantasy High: Part Forty-Eight

               As soon as the moon went dark, Atlantis leapt down and knocked her sister off the slab. They landed together on the floor.
               Azkedelia's eyes changed from cloudy purple back to normal. "Atlantis? You don't know how happy I am to see you!"
               Atlantis smiled. "We'll share that happiness after we take out Cambio."
               "Were you talking about me?" Cambio leapt over the slab, pale features seemingly glowing in the eerie green light. "Well congratulations, you've saved your sister. But that just means both of you will die. So much for sisterly love," he snarled as he lunged. A fiery streak zoomed between him and the two, knocking him back into the slab.
               Cambio slowly got up, stunned. "Hello son! You think that you'll save them? You forget you're outnumbered!"
               The cloaked followers came forward, but a wall of water prevented them from taking more than two steps.
               Cambio looked up in the darkness. "Nix? How nice of you to join!"
               Nix jumped down and landed on the slab. "Hello 'father.'"
               Nix kicked Cambio and knocked him to the floor. Wulfen Atlantis leapt onto him and tried to get his throat. Cambio threw her across the cavern. Atlantis hit the wall of water with a yelp and fell to the ground.
The world snapped into focus and the spell that brought her to the slab stopped working. Azkedelia looked around as everything seemed to move in slow motion. Blaze and Nix were fighting Cambio. Merlin was helping Atlantis up and quickly trying to heal her broken ribs. Cambio swung the dagger at Nix and cut her cheek.
               Azkedelia got to her feet. "Don't touch her!" she yelled.
               Cambio swung his arm out and a strong gust of wind reeking of death pushed Nix and Blaze back. "And what are you going to do about it? You know you can't stop me!"
               Atlantis was slowly coming behind him, getting ready to pounce, and Nix and Blaze were back on their feet, waiting.
               "Maybe not on my own, but four of us can," Azkedelia said loudly in the dim room
               Cambio laughed harshly. "You think my four children can stop me? Ha! You won't be saying that when you're dead! There is nothing that can stop me!"
               There was a flash of dark green-black light and Cambio changed into a dragon.
               "Do you honestly think you four weaklings can stop me? I am already more powerful because of the eclipse, but the powers from you will only make me stronger!"
               Cambio waved his tail and Nix froze. Merlin was suddenly turned to stone. Blaze was shackled to the ground. Atlantis was in an ice cage.
               "Now it's just you, Azkedelia. You don't honestly think you can defeat me, do you?" he asked mockingly. "You will die tonight, and then so will they. So much for a grand rescue!"
               Azkedelia turned as he circled her. "You forget that we all gain power from the eclipse, the moon doesn't just favor you."
               Cambio laughed. "That may be, put your strength is nothing compared to mine."
               Azkedelia's eyes glowed bright purple and flaming wings sprang from her back. Fire flew from her fingertips and circled the four who had come to rescue her. The shackles dissolved and Blaze pounded the dragon with fire. Before Cambio could retaliate, Nix surrounded him in a whirlwind of water. Azkedelia added her fire to the whirlwind. Cambio switched between forms. Atlantis leapt in the middle of it and attacked Cambio. He tried to throw her off, but couldn't. Atlantis glared at him with golden eyes and ripped his throat out. His black eyes fading, he breathed into Atlantis' muzzle and sent part of his spirit into her.
               "You will never be free of me!" he whispered as he died. The water and fire stopped. Atlantis returned to her human form and wiped the blood from her mouth.
               Azkedelia ran to Atlantis. "Is he…?"
               She nodded, in shock as part of Cambio's spirit took hold in her body.
               Nix hugged Azkedelia tightly.
               "He passed part of his spirit on to you, didn't he?" Blaze asked softly as he put his hand on Atlantis' shoulder.
               Atlantis nodded almost imperceptibly.
               "You're stronger than his broken spirit, so don't worry."
               She nodded again, not quite believing him.
               The world slowly faded away from Atlantis as Merlin wrapped his arms tightly around Azkedelia.
               You will never be free of me! Atlantis shook her head to get rid of Cambio's voice and hugged her sister, happy to have her safe. Above the rejoicing group, the earth's shadow slid off the moon, ending the eclipse, and Cambio's harsh laughter danced with the wind as it blew across the earth.

The End

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