Fantasy High: Part Forty-Four

               Cambio was facing the door, chanting her name, waiting for her to walk through the door and to the slab. The magic wasn't strong enough to completely erase her mind yet, but it would be in a few seconds. Cambio looked up at the moon. The edge was slowly starting to turn black. It was starting.

               Azkedelia stopped walking for a moment. Had she won? No. Something inside her went blank, and she began walking toward the voice again.
               "Azkedelia Italia Keystone, do not be afraid, come here."

               Merlin watched the door. "She's a lot stronger than she looks."
               Blaze nodded. "She is, but I wouldn't bet that she's still resisting the magic."
               "Why not?" Nix asked.
               "If they were saying your name, you'd already be halfway down the corridor."
               "Azkedelia Italia Keystone, do not be afraid, come here."

The End

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