Fantasy High: Part Forty-Two

               They all watched Cambio tear the roof off and dive back down the tower. After Blaze was sure he wasn't coming back, he and Atlantis changed back to human form and they all crept to the door. Blaze opened the door slowly, revealing the hallway from Azkedelia's dream. They could all hear the eerie chant calling Azkedelia. Blaze led them down the hallway and through the third door on the left. The new room had a dark spiral staircase that went up.
               "Up we go. It's the only way to get in that cavern without being spotted," Blaze whispered.
He took the first step and they all walked up as the chanting voices slowly became louder.

               "Azkedelia Italia Keystone, do not be afraid, come here."
Azkedelia had given up on words and was sobbing in the corner. The voices were getting louder and louder, boring their way into her skull. The magic in the words was getting stronger and stronger. Finally, she could resist the magic no longer, and she stood up and pushed the chairs out of her way as she walked to the door. Toward the voices. Toward death.

The End

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