Fantasy High: Part Thirty-Five


               The sun slowly set, sinking behind tall mountains.
               Blaze turned to Veronica. "If something happens to me…"
               Veronica shook her head with a conviction she only partly felt. "Nothing will happen to you. You'll come back safe with your sister."
               Blaze smiled grimly and hugged Veronica tightly.
               Merlin looked wistfully at the couple.
               "You'll be able to hug Az like that tonight."
               Merlin turned around and saw Nix standing behind him with her arms crossed. "I hope so, Nix."
               She forced a smile. "Trust me, she'll be in your arms later tonight."
               Blaze looked out at the sky. The moon was slowly rising.
               "It's time."
               Atlantis leapt off the balcony and landed as a wulfen. Blaze turned into a phoenix and flew off the balcony. Nix and Merlin floated to the ground.
               "Lead the way, Blaze," Merlin said.
               The phoenix nodded and flew low and fast toward Cambio's lair.

The End

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